Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A nice diversion from the trauma of this week....

One of the mysteries of life is how a mother with 6 children (the oldest being 8)
finds the time, not to mention the energy to make decorations for her sister's bridal shower.

 My niece, Carly, cut out each individual flower and strung them up together with twine.

Or how she found the time to come up with this really great bridal game,
that I will do next time I give a shower.
These are just a list of statements about the couple and we had to guess which ones 
are about Samantha and which are about Brian. What a fun way to get to know them better!

Yep, that's Carly.....she did it again! and my sister Peggy.

I had met the groom-to-be before, but I saw him in a whole different light at the shower 
because look what he was doing in one of the bedrooms while we were all partying...

Brian taking care of his nieces, Sadie and Eloise, and also Carly's baby Mara.
What a man! A real man.

There's my niece and his bride to be, Sam....on the couch, to the left.
I took pictures of everyone there, but not all of them turned out because of lighting problems. 
So there are people missing on this post.

Brian's Mom (far right) looked so familiar to me but I couldn't place her.
When she said she was from Loomis, I remembered we went there 2 years ago for this.
Then going to church the next day there, I must have seen her!
Samantha and Brian
I took this one off Facebook because.....I like it!


grandmapeg said...

Cute decorations!!! I've never seen those before. When did she manage to sleep, with six children and all that goes with that and then doing all of those decorations?

Karen Mortensen said...

Carly is an amazing woman. Congratulations to Sam. Can't believe she is old enough to get married. I remember playing school with her and Brooke on day.