Monday, August 12, 2013

Two things I don't like about Oregon

I LOVE the weather, the culture, even some of their picky laws. This would truly be a great place to live, and to raise a family.

But I have discovered two things I don't like.

1.  Even though we are staying in a smoke free hotel, the halls and dining areas, and lobby REEK of cigarette smoke. When ever we come home at night, and as soon as we open the main door to the hotel hallways, we are hit with the smell of smoke. We noticed this the last two times we visited here, too.

We couldn't figure out why they allow people to hover around the outside doors, smoking. They have signs up that read, "No smoking within 10 feet of the door." To me, that's like an open invitation to smokers to hang out just outside the doors. And they do! Den said there were about 5 of them out there this morning. Then they go back to their rooms and the smoke follows them.

So after breakfast Dennis went up to the office to ask why they allow this. Turns out it's the law here in Oregon. Anyone is allowed to smoke in Oregon outside of businesses as long as they are 10 feet away. California must have a different law since I've never noticed smoke being a problem in hotels there.

2. And this is minor compared to the smoke issue, but it's so hard to find a garbage can in Oregon. They don't keep them outside hotels, or most stores. It's very hard to find a place to put your trash here. Do they think by not having trash cans people will accumulate less trash? I wonder if it's working for them.

So we collect up our banana peels and empty food containers until we can get back to the hotel and then we throw it in the trash in our room for the maids to take care of. This just doesn't seem right somehow.


Richard said...

I've heard complaints the hotel halls reek of onions, chili, cumin, and dirty diapers...maybe they use a cigarette scented air freshener there.

the Rich girl said...

Yes. I totally agree with this post.

Ten feet is practically nothing. Especially for smell or smoke to travel. (And I really feel like a LOT of people smoke out here. But coming from living in Utah for the last 7 years, I guess it would seem that way.)

I feel like the garbage thing isn't too hard to adjust to. But it definitely does make you change the way you look at your trash.

But the smell of smoke--I'm still getting used to that. I wish I didn't have to. Especially because the air is so naturally nice here. It's a shame that the beautiful air is so often polluted with cigarette smoke.

Anonymous said...

I've always thought Oregon must be one of the healthiest places to live with all the trees to provide so much oxygen. But if you are constantly having to gag from second hand smoke, then it sort of takes away from that pristine environment. Perhaps people should lobby to get them to change that law. Or add a huge cigarette tax to help pay for more garbage collectors!


Sue said...

I always smell cigarette smoke in Oregon, too. And also Nevada.

We're spoiled in CA.