Saturday, July 27, 2013

Two Updates

He got moved to a regular room which makes is much easier for Susan to be by his side. 

 He's actually laughing in this picture. 

They have told him he won't be going home before Monday.
So Monday we hope it is!
Suddenly he is home!

Meanwhile, the 2nd cousins returned from Family Camp late last night
They pretty much lived in their bathing suits the entire week.
And still talking.

And as Wendy was unpacking Hailey's things last night,
she came to show me something she discovered
one day this week while changing Hailey's pillow case.

She hadn't realized this before but look what pillow Hailey took to camp.
She says she has used it every night since her mother died 5 years ago:

This is the one Robin used in the hospital the 2 years she was there.
We are in awe.
So much the rest of us take for granted.


Ammy said...

Little thing like that pillow mean a lot.

Anonymous said...

brought tears to my eyes

Anonymous said...

Yay! He's home!

Karen Mortensen said...

Glad he is home. And glad they got home from camp safely. That pillow thing touched my heart.

Scrapally said...

Happy that your dad is home...and the girls too...the pillow story is so sweet.

Sue said...

So touching about the pillow.

And so glad your dad is home!!