Friday, July 26, 2013

This one's for Richard!

Richard has been wondering how Hailey (his granddaughter) and Elora (my granddaughter)  
have been doing up at Family Camp.....

They don't look like they are suffering much....

Elora's family drove up yesterday to surprise them and spent several hours with the girls.
Brock said they loved the  tri tip dinner! Peach cobbler for dessert.

 Robin brought a drawing of our 3 missionaries in the family....Ty, Austin, and Davy,
and hung it up in the eating area it looks like. 
I'm sure they are missed!

Alex and McKenzie! and I don't know who the girl is next to them?

Some of my best memories growing up at Family Camp happened right here in the dining area.

My sister in law Suzanne with her granddaughter Gracie.

Clara! (Gracie's sister)
She made a really good Mary last Christmas Eve!
Thanks to Brooke for taking these pictures. 
Robin came home from camp early and found them on her phone!


Anonymous said...

Will you please explain more what Family Camp is? I understand 'camp' but what activities and goals includes the various ages. What is the ultimate purpose or mission statement of the camp? Wish I could attend. Wish I could be adopted by your family.

Anonymous said...

I also meant to what age is the cutoff? Can grandparents only visit?

Anonymous said...

Are these all your direct relatives, or do people bring friends?

Richard said...

Mission statement. Goals. Family Camp. Which of these is not like the others?

Jill, i really Enjoy how knowledgeably you write about family camp even though the last time you were there, Jimmy Carter was President. You inspire the same enthusiasm and nostalgia Wendy does when she speaks of the Madera welfare farm she last visited in 1968...

Thanks, as always, for the great pics!

Grandma Honey said...

I'll try to answer these questions. The purpose of Family Camp is to have fun and be with your family and friends and make memories together. It started I think in 1961....the original Rozier family and several other families that are not related....mostly from church. We hire a cook so all the meals are made for us, but the families take turns in clean up. Each family is in charge of something....anything from crafts, campfires, teenagers, swimming, games, etc. There are many organized activities that are always optional of course. Campfire complete with skits and singing (they still do singing, right?) every night at 7, I think. All kids under 12 go to bed at 8, and then teenagers have activities after that, and adults have their own campfire after the little kids are in bed.

Through the years as the Rozier families have multiplied, many have kept the tradition going....and now take their own children up each year. Grandparents can still come if they sign up and pay their money. Or some just come up for the day. So we are not related to everyone there, but the Roziers and extended family now make up a huge part of the attendance.

But like Richard said, I have not been up there since Jimmy Carter was president, so I may have remembered some of these things wrong. But I doubt much has changed. The same rocks, the same dirt, the same kitchen, the same barracks, and cabins. We call it the place where time stands still.

lindsay lark said...

Some of my fondest childhood memories are from family camp! It's so fun to see the next generation making memories there. Thanks for all of the fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

More questions, and I want Jill to answer. Richard is too deep in his explanation. 1. Is it the same week of the year every time? If not, who decides when? 2. Is this public land/camp or property the Rozier family owns that has been turned into a camp. 3. How on earth do you get family to agree to everything decade after decade? Does any one else see this orchestration as being extra phenomenal?? 4. Jill...why are you not there? 5. Where do I sign up!?! pjc

Karen Mortensen said...

Thanks for all the family camp pictures. Looks like everyone is having fun.

Grandma Honey said...

Yeah Richard, you're too deep.
I had my eyes dilated today and can't see very well just yet. So i'll be back later.

Richard said...

I'll answer some of those questions. The land and camp facilities are owned by the city of Fresno and is called Camp Fresno Jr. The facility rents by the week and a lottery is held every Jan to determine who gets which week so it changes every year. A new President is elected every year, someone bossy but not too bossy and their first duty is to be at the lottery. (I'm apparently too bossy and have never been elected despite multiple campaigns. It requires a benevolent dictator type so I can understand not being chosen. There is sometimes great wisdom in the democratic process.)

I, for one, see this "orchestration" as being doubly phenomenal since the facilities are somewhere between a farm labor encampment and a concentration camp. That groups of people would voluntarily subject themselves and pay.for the privilege is remarkable.

Jill doesn't go because the altitude bothers her. Dennis doesn't go because we outlawed years ago any food that looks like it has been pre digested.

The application process is extensive and requires a 100 page waiver of rights and acknowledgement of risks. (A scorpion dropped from the rafters onto my head one year and I was vilified for being alarmed.) but if you're a friend of Jill's, you're probably in.

It's a magical, beautiful place and event.

Anonymous said...

Jill, are you still blinded by the eye drops? How much of what Richard said is true and how much is his remarkably unique sense of humor!?! Such as the name of the camp (Jr?), the 100 pg. waiver, and Dennis' food. At first I thought it read 'attitude' not 'altitude'. Just how high is Fresno compared to Clovis? Anyway, through these photos and others, I find this camp most pleasing but more importantly, a blessing to your families to have this opportunity. I hope those not in attendance will realize this and sign up next year. Thanks for letting me write. pjc (your surrogate sister in MI)

Scrapally said...

The mystery girl is Carly Swinney. These pictures are great and I love the traditions! I especially love the pictures of the missionaries! Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

Those two girls are so cute together.