Saturday, July 13, 2013

Only a real man could do this

McKay and Grant, with all the other kids and Mommies.

"No better way to learn to swim than with someone you trust." (I'm quoting Dennis)

Baby sister will be here in 9 days! And she already has a very cute swim suit.

Maybe when Grant gets a little older, we can get his Daddy a shirt like this:


Karen Mortensen said...

So cute. That is so sweet that Mckay would do that. Can't wait to see the new baby.

Scrapally said...

a devoted cute!

McKenna Heasley said...

It was so sweet and kind of funny watching him with all of those Moms! I feel pretty lucky!

Lisa said...

Now that's a pic for Parenting magazine or something! Cute post & the shirt....I'd like to see how effective it is! lol

grandmapeg said...

First of all, I need a shirt like that!!!! What a great dad! I'm sure both are having fun with the swimming lessons!

Anonymous said...

I want that shirt!
I've often heard that there's nothing more attractive than a man who's great with babies and children.

Sue said...

I love that!