Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Elora and Hailey off to Family Camp!

These girls talk and giggle non stop when they get together. Non stop. We love it.
But after going in there about 5 times Sunday night to tell them they really needed to go to sleep...
we went to bed at 11:30 and I could still hear them talking through the walls after that!

I'm pretty sure we fell into LaLaLand before they did.

They told me the next morning they were talking with their eyes closed.

I didn't want them to be tired for their big adventure beginning the next day....Family Camp 2013!

Up at 7am and ready to go! (even though they didn't actually leave till 11)

Thank you SO MUCH Wendy for taking the girls up and caring for them all week!
Elora's Dad and Hailey's Mom at Family Camp 1980
And so the tradition continues...

My blog is a bit different this week. Normally I post once a day at most. 
But there is just too much excitement going on so the pictures will keep coming for awhile.

Although I doubt I will get any Fam Camp pics being they have no reception up there.


Richard said...

Thanks for being such a good news source!

grandmapeg said...

Those cousins are going to have a real fun and exciting adventure that they will remember always! Fun times ahead this week.

Sue said...

What a wonderful tradition with two great pals to enjoy it together.