Sunday, July 7, 2013

Doubting Mark

There's this man in Seattle. He claims he is an atheist. So, often on Sunday he chooses a random church to attend, observes it all, and then blogs about it. I thought it was interesting what he had to say about the Mormon church a few weeks ago. I'd often wondered how new comers perceive us.  Go here. 

But you know what I think? When my Mom was dying 6 years ago we had several hospice workers in and out of our home. I asked one of them if all their workers believed in God. She said something like, "Our hospice workers believe a variety of different religions. We have some atheist too.....but they don't stay that way. They see too much being around the dying to stay an atheist."

Doubting Mark may not be around the dying, but he's putting himself out their searching for God every Sunday. Although he may not realize that's what he's doing. He'll get it figured out.


Anonymous said...

That was entertaining. Thanks for sharing this.

McKenna Heasley said...

I loved this post. And what an interesting blog! I might have to go back later and read some if his other entries. Today the elders brought an investigator to fast and testimony meeting and he came and sat by us. I was wondering what he was thinking the whole time. I am so grateful for the knowledge the Gosple brings us. I know when you hear truth spoken its hard to go away not feeling good.

Richard said...

Really interesting. Kind of a modern day Floyd Weston.

Sue said...

This was so much fun to read, Jill. Thanks!