Monday, June 17, 2013

Sometimes it's a lot of working getting ready for bed

Especially when you are two 
and you're so tired and already in a daze....

But you need to get those babies to bed with you 
no matter how big they are

 You're on a mission and you are determined to stay focused.

You aren't going to let a little thing like 
dropping the children on their heads slow you down.

You'll just swoop them back up and be on your way..

Or so you thought.

You become weary and wonder 
if you can really accomplish this task

So you try Plan B. 
Hold one child by the neck and another by the hand.

Yep, I think this will work

We're almost there...

Bed at last. 
 Violet went out like a light.

In the same room with her sister.

With another sister who was determined 
to stay awake till their parents returned.
And she made it! 
Her parents knocked on the door seconds 
after I clicked this picture!


Anonymous said...

That Violet is sure a cute little girl! Haven't seen much of her.

grandmapeg said...

Cute pictures of Violet and Cami!! It sure looks like it was a lot of work for Violet to get her babies into bed :-)Thanks for sharing these pictures of your adorable girls...all three of them!

Sue said...

This is such a darling post. Just loved your captions, too.