Friday, June 14, 2013

Joy School Graduates

Our grandtwins graduated from Joy School last Monday night.

Basically, the philosophy of this special preschool is
teaching children to love themselves and to love others.

I'm so proud of these 4 mothers (6 children including 2 sets of twins= 4 mothers),
and all the time and love they put into the past 2 years.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Amy is doing such a good thing. She seems like she really, really loves kids. That's so great. I have the book Teaching Joy from many years ago that I think Joy School was based on. Glad to see that it's still alive and well!

Scrapally said...

Very sweet! Brings back memories of mine when they were little and in JOY school. Nicely done Amy and the other moms!

Sue said...

This is terrific and so darned cute!