Thursday, May 23, 2013

Look who came to see Grandpa tonight!

The 3 cousins!
Davey, Austin, Ty

This made Dad and Susan so happy.

They all have their mission calls, 
and will be leaving within weeks!

Last week I came across this picture of one of the missionaries 
who baptized both my Mom and Dad back in 1956!
(Anyone know if I have that year correct?)
Imagine how Derrold Bates felt when he opened 
up his mission call to Fresno, California!

Did he have any idea how many lives he would change 
by knocking on the door of one young married couple? 
I don't think so.

Speaking of which, we have a brand new family member 
born today! My niece Carly already wrote about it on her blog!


grandmapeg said...

Loved the pictures, especially of the three grandsons visiting your dad. I read Carly's blog. She is one amazing woman! Thanks for sharing these happy events!

Sue said...

That's great that they came and made their grandpa so happy.

And what fun to have a picture of the missionary that baptized your parents!

Congrats on the new member of your fam, too.


Richard said...

I visited Elder Bates companion Lamar Day in Bountiful, Val Verda 5th Ward, 10 years ago. I showed up at their Sacrament Meeting unannounced. He was a 70ish year old Bishop of the Ward after having served a senior mission with his wife to the Phillipines. We had a nice visit in his office during the Sunday School hour...he knew all about each family member because mom had sent him every copy of the Rozier Times through the years.

Scrapally said...

those are three awesome glad we know them! Your dad looks like he's feeling better...hope he gets out of there soon!

Grandma Honey said...

Richard~ Do you know if he's still in Bountiful? I've lost contact with them both.

Lisa said...

The genetics in your family is about as HANDSOME as they come! WOW. What a sight & that is really profound to think about the effects the missionaries had on your family on so many levels. What a legacy!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a great post. Glad the 3 cousins could visit him. I know he liked that.