Saturday, April 27, 2013

This one's for Peggy!

Unfortunately my brother in law Jeff was in a car accident Monday night
and he's been in the hospital ever since, and had surgery yesterday.

So Dennis and I took their daughter Kaidy, along with our granddaughters Kylie and Elora
to Visalia last night to see Jeff and Peggy's granddaughter Rivka perform.
Could you follow all that?

It's been a very hard week for Jeff and Peggy, to say the least.

I want to share with them our evening......So here it is:

Our first stop was El Matador for dinner....
Kylie and Kaidy had never been there so Elora lead the way.

This was about how cooperative they were in letting me take their picture. Not much.
 Elora stayed behind that first menu.

So I had to get sneakier and go for the candids.

Can you believe the size difference between a child's plate and the regular version of the same thing?

 It was exciting to arrive in Visalia and see Carly. She is due with #6 in just 2 1/2 weeks!

 Den and I got to sit on the other side of Carly and Enoch
and just feel their excitement of having their baby girl on stage.
...or maybe I should say, their first born.
All that positive happy energy.
Everyone reading the bios!

Oh please do read Rivy's bio. 
Carly seemed very fine with her plan to date boys after she graduates from Cornell.

During intermission Elora was pointing out how ridiculous she thought it it was to have this CPR chart.
She said, "Like I'm suppose to leave the dying person and say, 
I'll be right back after I go read the insructions."

After the show we could hardly get out of that theater fast enough so we could meet up with Rivka!

Every single time Rivy came on stage I teared up.
I think emotionally I was representing my sister (her Nana)

She got to sing a solo.....and oh what a voice!
She's going to be a regular on stage, no doubt.

Here is a Dad who is very involved in everything his kids do.
I've been around him enough to know.

I thought Rivy made the cutest little orphan from Oliver!

We lost Kaidy and Kylie for a while after the program. 
I think they were off looking for one of the actors.

In case you missed it, today on Facebook Peggy wrote this...
"Thanks for all of your prayers in Jeff's behalf. He finally had surgery yesterday (after waiting 82 hours)Instead of giving him a total hip replacement(the Dr. thought him too young) they used plates and pins and put him back together. It took almost four hours but now he should be better than new. Dr. Martirosian performed the surgery, he is one of only three doctors in the valley that could do this type of surgery. Through prayer I feel confident and very blessed with his abilities. Next stop..physical therapy! And for those of you worrying about Ty. He is fine, he begins driver's training today, time to get back on the horse!"

What a hard week this has been for them, and now Jeff has recovery. 
If you would like to pray for them, please do.


Tyler Heasley said...

Very, very cool. It's nice to see we have more actors in the family.

Also, this very effectively made me miss good Mexican food. That stuff is rather hard to come by in Utah.

Anonymous said...

So was this a medley of scenes and songs from all those plays? What song did Rivy sing?

Lisa said...

Man, life can change so instantly! Glad to hear Jeff is doing well & under great care. What a blessings that your grandchildren have so many cousins to rally around for support & fun. Life is beautiful to see whenever I read your blog.

Karen Mortensen said...

How exciting for Rivka to be in a play.
My mom told me about Jeff. Hope he makes a good recovery.

Richard said...

One of your best posts ever...! Love Rivka the Diva.

Sue said...

I will definitely pray for them and am glad that he is through the surgery and on the way to a full recovery. Sounds like a pretty serious accident! Kinda scary.

Carly looks amazing for someone who is due. She is a pro on baby-making.

The girls all look darling.


Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~ Right, musical excerpts from all those plays. Rivy sang "OH Wouldn't it be Loverly." She sounded like an angel. She also sang as a group "Food Glorious Food." from Oliver. I wish you could have heard her!

Scrapally said...

This was a great post! So nice for you to fill in for Peggy. Their family has been in our prayers and I have been texting everyday with Peggy. So glad Jeff FINALLY got the surgery done and can now get on with recovery! We LOVE their family and yours too...I feel like I know them all just from being your cyber friend!

Grandma Honey said...

Scrapally~ We were actually planning to see the performance even before the accident. But then when Peggy couldn't make it last night, I was doubly thankful to be there.

Becky Jane said...

Car accidents are pretty scary. So glad to hear he's okay. Looks like y'all had a great I need some Mexican food!