Monday, April 15, 2013

The drama at IHOP...and a request, please.

Have you ever noticed those exit doors at the back of theaters or restaurants that say,  
"Emergency Exit. Alarm will sound if opened?"
Have you ever wondered what would really happen if you opened one of those doors?
Well last Thursday night we found out.

We took the twins to an early dinner at IHOP while their parents were in LA.
We arrived about 5pm, thinking that would be a quiet unrushed time to eat.
Instead of ordering his usual "hanga-burg" Jonas opted for the eggs, bacon and 5 little pancakes.
Téa wanted the same.

They were almost finished with their food when I noticed some disturbance up by the register.
A man, which looked to be a customer, was using some ugly words, 
in an even angrier tone to the girl taking the money upfront.

Then I heard him threaten to do something  "in front of all the customers."
but I couldn't hear exactly what his actual threat was.
I also heard the words, "I'll let it off...." 
(Perhaps he was just referring to his mouth, I don't know.
But since we were the only customers in that entire half of the restaurant,
we would be the ones getting it.)

And that poor employee working the register and taking his abuse! She looked stunned and scared.

It was at this point our waitress came by and I said to her, "Something is going on up front." 
and I sort of nodded towards the register. She looked in that direction, and then back at me, 
leaning her ear close to my mouth and said, "Tell me what he said." 
I started to, but then I said, "I need to get my babies out of here. Can I go out the back door?" 
I don't know why I asked, I was going to do it anyway.

I knew Den would take care of the bill, plus make sure that employee up front was okay, 
so I grabbed the twins pancake-syrupy-little hands and hurried them along. 
Téa kept asking, "Why are we going? What is wrong?" 
Urging them on I said, "I'll tell you later, just hurry up."

Then I noted that alarm sign on their back door, looked back and said to the waitress, 
"What if the alarm goes off?" She just shooed us away saying, "It's okay. Just go!"

I opened that back door and... sound at all.
Now I'm wondering if all those alarm signs on doors are bogus.

After we got outside I just kept walking with the twins in the opposite direction of the restaurant. 
We got a distance away and then I stopped to take my phone out of my purse so I could call Dennis 
and tell him where we were, but I couldn't find it. Den soon found us anyway. 
He learned that man was upset because he claimed he got food poisoning 
from eating there last Tuesday night. He said the man was threatening for money 
to pay his doctor bills, and get a refund on the food that made him sick.

As for the twins, I never did end up explaining what happened, or why we left so quickly.

On that very Eve before they turned 4, distraction seemed to be the kinder option. 
While we were waiting for Dennis to find us, we looked at the many spring flowers 
and talked about how beautiful the world is right now. 
I'd rather they go right on thinking about that instead.

The disgusting language we heard by that angry customer at IHOP 
may soon be allowed on TV and radio stations nationwide and, all hours of the day. 
I checked this out with Snopes, and it's true. 
Please consider voicing your opinion before it becomes in affect.  
Our voice is the only power we have. The FCC is actually accepting comments from 
the viewing public on this issue through the end of April. 


Sue said...

I will definitely voice my opinion. That is unbelievable to me.


Anonymous said...

TV and movies are already too offensive for me. I cringe almost every time I watch them. When I was a kid in the 50s, everything on TV was G rated. And I mean really G, not the G they have today. When our kids were little, my criteria for whether they watched a program was "would I allow this behavior/language for real in our living room?" This meant that the TV was OFF most of the time. We went for years without a TV at all. So this is a subject dear to my heart. I wanted my children to witness only admirable behavior in our home. That was my goal anyway. We can't control what our children see and hear outside our home, but we sure can control what is said and done around them at home. Then when someone out in public goes off, like they did in your case, we can just say, "We don't do that in our family."

grandmapeg said...

Thank you Jill for the link. I am really disgusted with what is said already on these television shows. I long for the tv shows that we had when we were growing up. I just now posted my comment. Thanks again!

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene...Good plan you had. We sure did live in a G world back then. My mom use to refer to the 1950s-1960s as gentler times. As far as the man in the restaurant....I know I can't protect them from everything but I was really not sure what this man was going to do and I didn't want to take a wait and see approach. I just wanted out of there!

I know what you mean grandma peg. I know of a young mom who only lets her kids watch the shows we had back in the Leave it to Beaver. I think she gets it on Netflix but I'm not sure. Her kids don't know anything else except programs from back then.