Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Six things I learned this week....

1. Am I the only one who didn't know about these free standing toothbrushes?
I bought one thinking since I wanted really soft bristles I would buy a child's size.
Then it turns out this one stands all by itself with no container. I like that feature.
It would be especially nice in a hotel room where there is never a toothbrush holder.

2. Last night while eating at Whole Foods we saw a very normal looking man
pick up a whole avocado (I assume he paid for it) and took a bite of out it.
Then from that little hole he made from his bite,
he squeezed that avocado all over his salad and it came out, all of it, like it was no big deal.
Den asked him about it and he admitted this is the only cooking skill he knows.

3. This tastes so good and is great for tummy aches and sleeping problems.
I've had chamomile tea many times before, but it's never tasted like this.

4. Have you seen this stuff?

I would not use this on a child since it stings alot for about 1/2 a minute
but it works really well on men who are 64 with thinning skin.
Normally Den bleeds and bleeds after even a small cut, for days sometimes...
but last night he put this on a new hand cut and the bleeding stopped,
and the seal didn't even come off in the shower.

5. I learned this next thing in the comment section of another blog yesterday.

From looking a very early ultrasound the Ramzi method.
says you can predict the sex of the baby by looking for 2 things:
forehead dominate is a girl, and eyebrow line dominant is a boy. 
I have no idea if there is anything to this, but it sort if makes sense to me
since bone structure is so different between males and females.

6. To me this was the best of all.
Tyler and Karen learned that he has been accepted for a summer internship
as an actuary with the same company McKay works for in Portland!
So they will be moving in with the McKs for 3 months.

I smile every time I think of Grant and Rich being little roomies for the summer.
They may need the moral support when they both see a bassinet by their parents' bedside come July!


Anonymous said...

great little tips!
I love that your two youngest will be living so close to each other! a dream come true! Plus you'll be able to visit two for the price of one, so to speak!

grandmapeg said...

Now I can say that I've learned 6 new things this week! I use the chamomile tea but I've never seen that kind. I will definitely have to look for that. I smiled at your comment about Richie and Grant needing moral support once they see the bassinet by their parent's beside. They may also have withdrawal symptoms from one another once Tyler is done with the internship and they move out.

McKenna Heasley said...

Number 6 is my favorite!!! I thought all of these were really interesting though! McKay and I have sonicare toothbrushes and they stand on their own but I have never, ever heard of the avocado thing.

Annette said...

When I stay in hotels I use a coffee cup to hold my toothbrush. That way it drys and doesn't touch anything else.

Connie said...

You're not the only one who didn't know those things! It's news to me. And as for the ultrasound tip, I can't tell a foot from a head in an ultrasound. That won't help me any. :)

Sue said...

Great stuff. And great news about your boys!