Monday, February 4, 2013

Crockpot Northern Beans and Ham

After soaking the beans, you put them in your crockpot along with the few other ingredients
and let them simmer all day.
Then just make some cornbread, and you have dinner!

I love the flavor of these. I love the heartiness. And I love the simple prep. 

They are very similar in flavor to some beans my Mom use to make for Christmas
and Easter every year but hers took LOTS more effort and time. 

The first time I made these I put the brown sugar in right from the start.
I didn't realize I was suppose to wait and add it later.
But we liked it so much the way I accidentally did it,
that now I just add everything all in the beginning.

Instead of ham hocks, I use "seasoned ham pieces" that are packaged
and cut up by the butcher at Savemart down the street from us. Any kind of ham would work. 

Since I've been gluten free since October, I don't make this kind of Cornbread anymore,
but it really is the best tasting:

If you don't like beans, you're out of luck.


Raven said...

Ooh, that dish looks good! Bob's Red Mill makes a tasty gluten-free, non-gmo corn bread mix.

Grandma Honey said...

Thanks Raven. It IS really good!
I've tried the Red Mill baking mix to make corn bread but I've never tried his actual corn bread mix....I didn't know he had one. I will check it out.

Richard said...

You need to preface your food posts with some sort of warning...

Grandma Honey said...

and what warning is that?

Ammy said...

We have this quite often....I make it just like this but I add a small can of green chilies....

Richard said...

You know, like mature audiences only.

Sue said...

My family has made this for years, but not in the crock pot. I am printing this one out!