Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jonas' unwanted adventure

After a very long and difficult night,
Amy and Logan took Jonas to Urgent Care early this morning.
His asthma was out of control.
From Urgent Care he was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

When Den and I finally got to see him tonight he looked like a very sick little boy. 
His parents quickly told me he looks much better than he had earlier today.

Besides the asthma, he has some pneumonia, so he is being admitted.

They were in ER but waiting for a room. 

When Den was in there (we had to take turns) a nurse came in and put an IV in. 
He handled it well, but Den said it was hard on him (Grandpa Den I mean)

Good thing Logan brought up Jonas' favorite blankie, and his friends including Woody.
Doesn't look like he will care about them until tomorrow.

Sitting and waiting all day long.
These two parents are so very sleep deprived.

It's just love for their little boy that is keeping them awake.
When I'm nervous I take pictures.

Get well soon, Jonas the Bonus. 
It does not seem right seeing you without your Téa.


Karen Mortensen said...

So sorry to hear about Jonas. Hope he gets better soon. Thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! That poor little guy! Get well soon Jonas!!
Hang in here mom and dad.

Nate and Julie said...

Oh sweet Jonas. I hope he is feeling better and gets to be home with Tea and the rest of the family soon. We are praying for him!

Grandma Honey said...

Thank you Julie. Your prayers are so appreciated, and they are working. He is much better today!

Anonymous said...

Sending our love...We will keep him in our prayers.. Jay and Stacy

Kris said...

Those photos are just heartbreaking. And what a tender thing for dad to say that watching the IV go into him was hard on him. Amy and Logan are awesome parents. U lived seeing their photos there as well.

grandmapeg said...

Nothing is so heart wrenching as to see little children so ill and in a hospital. It's nice though that his dad brought his blanket.

Robin said...

I am praying for Jonas' return to good health to happen quickly!!

Sue said...

Two of my kids had awful asthma. It's so hard to watch them struggle to breathe.

So glad he is feeling better now!