Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Elora won't forget this...and how my Dad surprised me!

I'll explain from the beginning...

So Elora called me on Sunday and said she would be performing
at Yosemite Gardens with her choir on Tuesday.
That is where my Dad and Susan live, so I thought this would be perfect.
I'd get to see them, and also watch Elora sing.

Do you see her? She's the 2nd up the stairs....

So after their music...
(they even sang Silent Night which surprised me
since I didn't realize it was allowed in public schools like back in the day... )
all the kids were told they could mingle and talk to the residents. 
Elora chose her Great Grandpa of course. 

She handed him a card I think she made....not really sure, 
because I was too focused on the sweetness between these two.

Since I missed her original kiss, 
I asked her to do it again for the camera.

She was so touched by his tears that soon she started crying too.

Elora was also so delighted to see Susan!

Bye Elora! Turn back once more for the camera. 
I know you will never forget this day.

After she left, we walked back to Dad and Susan's apartment, 
and my Dad showed me what he can do!
He has not been able to do this since last July!!


Karen Mortensen said...

Such an awesome day. So glad you were able to capture it. I am so excited for Grandpa. He is one awesome man.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Thanks for sharing this. I miss hearing about and seeing Elora. More pics and videos, please!

Susan Rozier said...

Thank you Jill for recording our special times! It was so rewarding to see Elora perform. She's so bright and expressive always, even in song. And for recording Richard's milestone of being able to move his toe. We're so thankful for these steps of progress. Love, Dad and Susan

Mar~ said...

This was super sweet! I even teared up.
So happy for the progress for your dad.
And what a blessing to have your grandkids interact, know and love your dad!
Very sweet!

Sue said...

So glad he is showing some improvement.

And I love Elora. There is just something about that girl...


grandmapeg said...

I am surprised that the choir could sing Silent Night because our schools don't don't allow those kinds of Christmas songs. Elora is growing up too fast! And what a nice surprise with your dad!!