Monday, December 31, 2012

Book Club 2013

I didn't do too well attending book club last year,
so it probably makes no sense that I am joining a 2nd book club, but I am.

First, here's the list for the 1st book club,
and tomorrow I will show you the list for the 2nd club.
Please do let me know if you're read any of these, 
and what you think, okay?If there are any souls in blogland today.

January 16
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
by Rebecca Skloot

February 20
The Scorpio Races
by Maggie Stiefvater

March 20
by Ben Mikaelsen

April 17
One Tuesday Morning
Karen Kingsburg

May 15
by Edith Pattou

June 19
Until Tuesday
Louis Carlos Montalvan

July 17
Miss Buncle's Book
D. E. Stevenson

August 21
The Shoemaker's Wife
by Adriana Trigiani

September 18
by Mary Alice Monroe

October 16
Happier at Home
by Gretchen Ruben

November 20
Heaven is Here
by Stephanie Nielson

December 18
Jacob T. Marley
by R. William Bennett

Since I like mostly memoirs, biographies, and other non fiction, 
I'm not sure many of these books will be a good fit for me. 
However, I did already read Oct and Nov's selection, and LOVED them.

Come back tomorrow on Wednesday
and let me know what you think of Book Club #2.


Scrapally said...

I left a comment but there was an if you get this twice...delete one. :) I have only heard of the last two books. Stephanies is on my "to read" list and I did read Jacob T. Marley. I really liked it! It was a short and easy read and very enjoyable. It's his "side of the story" of a Christmas Carol. I look foward to your second list and also your book reviews! Keep us posted!

Grandma Honey said...

Thanks Scrapally....It's good to know about Jacob T me something to look forward to. You'll love Stephanie's book. I was not that anxious to read since I follow her what else can she say?....but Den bought it for me so I opened it up one night and could hardly put it down.

Karen Mortensen said...

I haven't read any of these but I have heard of Oct and Nov. Good luck with your reading. I hope you will put posts up about the books. Some of the titles sound really good.

pebble said...

I read The Shoemaker's Wife this past year. I liked it, it made me want to be Italian! It's like a life history, but more interesting. :)

Grandma Honey said...

Hi Melinda!....Good to know. I like life history books even if it's in novel form so I will try to get this one. Thanks for the heads up!

Sue said...

I've read and enjoyed The Shoemaker's Wife.

I also read Heaven is Here, a lot of which I already knew from her blog.


Lisa said...

What would I do without you??? If it weren't for you I'd have no clue what was going on not that I get!!! Never heard of any of these books but am interested in seeing the #2 Club's reads for the it a church thing with another ward or what? JUst curious. love you.