Sunday, November 4, 2012

We already miss them!

The Sherwoods (couple on the right) were missionaries in our ward for an entire year.
I would venture to say that every single person in our ward loves them.
We wish they didn't have to go back to Riverton, Utah
but they had something like 18 grandchildren waiting for them.

Of course on the left are Todd and Tracey Dunning.
He is our bishop, and Tracey will always be dear to my heart because she was one of my counselors in Relief Society a few years back. She has a sincere caring for everybody.
There were some absolutely beautiful pictures all around 
the West Stake Center depicting Christ's life. 
So I couldn't leave their farewell without taking a few pictures.

I'm going to ask Santa this year 
if he can find the above picture for me. 
I think it would be perfect in our playroom.


Karen Mortensen said...

I love senior missionary couples. We had one in our ward several years ago and they were awesome. They add so much.

Sue said...

It's always sad saying good-bye to missionaries. Especially the senior couples that work with our singles ward.