Thursday, November 1, 2012

Love how the pictures of last night came in this morning!

I'll start with our grandchildren, 850 miles away...

In Logan, Utah... Tyler and Karen taking Little Hulk Richie 
to see his Uncle, Aunts, and cousins.

Part of Robbie, Jacob, Richie, Rachel and Kris!

Den and I keep studying the picture below 
but we can't decide if that's Matt or Robbie??
Thanks Tyler for letting us know it's MATT in that stunning costume! 

Then 30 minutes across our town we see Elora,
who was (and is I might add) a Champion future runner.

Cami: a black eyed pea!

Miss Violet AKA Pebbles
She even has her mouth like Pebbles!

Then we go 750 miles to Tigard, Oregon where Grant 
is proudly displaying his costume.
Doesn't he look like a baby model ready to walk down the runway?

And here at the homestead....
Jonas was beginning to think the sun would never go down!

Hoping your Halloween was the best!


Tyler Heasley said...

That's Matt, actually. And yes, his costume is amazing.

When we decided on a costume for Richie, it wasn't "oh, this works." It was "oh, this is his personality for sure." Without any encouragement on our part, Rich has always growled and grunted his way through life. The difference between him and the Hulk is that he's not actually angry.

Karen Mortensen said...

Cute costumes.

Anonymous said...

Ely said that it was so crowded in his neighborhood (with trick or treaters) that they closed the street to traffic. There were thousands of people walking on the sidewalks and in the street! Evidently he moved into a very popular neighborhood that parents drive their kids to on Halloween.

Fisher Family Fun said...

Cute costumes! Where has the time gone?!?! Your newest grandbabies are all grown up!! They are so darn cute!

Mar~ said...

I love how Rachel is looking at Richie!
You have such darling grandkids! Love the costumes!

Heather said...

So fun to see all your cute grand kids in costume, especially Grant! Our trick or treating on Halloween didn't happen due to all the power outages. We were glad that our ward had a super fun Trunk or Treat party last Friday!

grandmapeg said...

Cute grandkids and even cuter in their costumes! Halloween is so much fun for these little ones.

Sue said...

Don't you love getting the Halloween grandkid pics? Makes my day, every time!