Monday, October 22, 2012

It was on my Dad's Bucket List

Last Tuesday while my Dad's wife was at the doctor's, 
he told me that he was planning a surprise for their 5th anniversary the following Saturday. 
During dinner at their retirement facility he had made arrangements 
to use the microphone from his wheelchair and announce their anniversary PLUS sing 
 "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?"

That was a video moment if I ever heard one!

So I made plans to be there. 
I talked Dennis into hiding out with me in their large dining room amongst all the residents
(no small task...talking Den into it I mean), 
and then I would pop out just in time to catch his announcement and singing. 
So I called my Dad about 4pm that day to let him know my plan, 
and that's when he told me it already happened! 
I had forgotten that "dinner" at their facility means lunch. 
And "supper" would be dinner. I missed it!! I was so disappointed!

So that evening we went by to get the details. 
Susan said doing that for her was on my Dad's bucket list. 
She said it definitely was a video moment. DARN.

However, I must say, I got to watch my Dad practice while I was with him on Tuesday.
I think he only knows 3 lines of that song, but I got to hear him sing 2 of them.
Sweetest thing ever. 

On second thought I think this is even sweeter:
In the words of Kelly, (who is my Dad's sister's granddaughter): 

"I pulled out a book that I bought to write things down when
we went to my grandmother's. (Her grandmother is/was my Dad's older sister Leonie)
It is a kid's book and it's sort of the same concept as a baby journal.
It has questions and blanks to fill things in. 
One of the questions is
"What is your sweetest memory?"
I wrote down my grandmother's answer:  
"My father called my brothers and sisters for breakfast 
and told us that a new baby came during the night, 
 that was Richard."
My Dad and his 5 siblings.
(Dad is the youngest...being held in this picture by his Dad, Romeo.)


Anonymous said...

what a great picture! can you believe that little guy is your dad?? how many of those siblings are still alive?

Grandma Honey said...

My Dad is the only one still alive in that picture. All of their spouses are dead too, with the exception of his oldest brother's wife (Aunt Wanda in Oregon.)

My Dad in that picture looked a lot like McKay did as a baby.

Richard said...

Ann, Leonie, and June are easily distinguished even as little girls

Becky Jane said...

I would have loved to see that great moment on video. It sounds so precious. Oh well. They look so sweet in the photo. I love family tons and tons!

grandmapeg said...

I guess my first comment is in cyber space :-) Anyway, what a nice anniversary surprise for Susan. Your dad is a thoughtful man. I'm sorry that you missed it. And what a sweet journal enty his sister made.

Karen Mortensen said...

What a sweetheart your dad is. You should get them to re-enact it.

Sue said...

Awww. Great story.