Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The funeral

His daughter Emily:
"I remember someone telling me my Dad would never be a rich attorney 
because he gave way too much of his work."

"He got up every morning for 9 years before early morning seminary to fix us breakfast. 
He showed us how important we were and how important scripture study was."
 His wife Anna Leesa:  
"John would wake up every morning and say he loved Clovis. 
'Another beautiful day in paradise.' That's come to have great meaning for us."

His son Steven: 
"In many ways life is like a grand relay...
at this point my Dad has finished his leg and is handing off to the rest of us to continue this work."

Duane Matsungaga: 
"...Perhaps one of God's tender mercies, that John Barrus was allowed to linger with us 
as he again began to teach us. 
He turned our minds, our thoughts, and our hearts to the Savior. 
So typical of what he always did."

Doug Stokes: 
"He was concerned and saw the best in every person...
He looked to see not exactly what the person was doing with their life at that very moment, 
but what they could be."
Elder Trythall: 
"John Barrus as an attorney never checked his religion at the door. 
He was as much of an example of Christ in the law office as he was as a stake president."

We have so enjoyed having his daughter and their family stay with us this past week.
I have to say, we will especially miss waking up each morning with these 2 little people.

Side note: Thank you to those who sent me notes of concern because I have not blogged in a week...
I think it's the  longest I have gone since I started doing this in 2008.  
I have been smitten by Family History lately, thanks to my cousin's daughter Kelly. 
Not sure if anyone is as interested as I am, but I will share soon, a few stories I have learned. 
Like I always say, there is nothing more interesting than people. At least to me.


Robin said...

Jill Thank You Thank You Thank You!! This is so special to me because I couldn't be there! I loved this man so much, he was always a light at the end of a tunnel!! Our family owes him so much, and I look forward to seeing him again to tell him so!!

James and Kresta said...

Thank you for posting this. I was so upset that I was not able to attend his funeral. He was a wonderful man. I have not crossed a single person in our stake that wasn't touched by him.

Anonymous said...

I especially loved the picture of him and his wife when they were younger. Very sweet.

Grandma Honey said...

I think you are right Kresta. Amazing huh?

Darlene...I love that picture too...first time I've ever seen it.

Robin...You are welcome! It was just a tiny glimpse of it all, but I'm glad you liked it.

Fisher Family Fun said...

It was a very packed funeral. We found seats all the way in the back by the stage. There were alot of great stories. Wanted to get a program but there were not enough.
If you heard the baby crying during the opening prayer, that was Riley.

Karen Mortensen said...

What a wonderful man. Wish I could have known him.

Ammy said...

I have SO been waiting for this post. I knew you'd post something about his funeral! My John has told me more than once that John Barrus was a HUGE example in his life! I can't wait to share this post with him!

Tyler Heasley said...

This was a great post, and I loved reading what everyone had to say about him. And I didn't know he loved Clovis so much. That's awesome.

Scrapally said...

Thank you for posting this. I wasn't able to attend the funeral and I knew it would be wonderful. I can just imagine all the wonderful things people had to say about him. I can't believe his wife spoke...I'm sure I could never do that if I was in her position! Thank you again...and I was a bit worried about you too, but glad you have found fun in family history! Will look forward to your stories!

Lisa said...

Truly LOVED the pictures & your writings. You've truly developed a gift for layouts & writing beautiful & meaningfully. Thank You. As for Family are truly on another wonderful adventure! Enjoy the Journey!