Monday, September 3, 2012

While their parents are in a Hawaii hotel 
with this view from the 36th floor...

We get to have their little people with us for the week.

First thing this morning they wanted to call Mommy,
 but I made them wait till 11 our time 
since Hawaii is 3 hours earlier.

After they hung up 
Jonas was still trying to process just where his parents are.

Then we were off to the airport to pick up Grandpa. 
The twins insisted on wearing their baby leashes from days gone by.

I don't know why they like these furry animals 
wrapped all around them, but they do. 
So glad to get Grandpa back!!! 
It's been a long 5 days without him.

As soon as we arrived back home, they wanted 
to see where Grandpa "got hurt in the elaBATEtor"

But even more exciting than that, was the dead bug 
on our bathroom floor.
They were saving it just for Grandpa.
Next on the agenda was the Easter Egg hunt.

To say they were excited just doesn't describe.
We may just have another one tomorrow. 
And the next day.

Even after sleeping 13 1/2 hours last night, 
Miss Téa still wanted a 2 hour nap.

So while his sister slept I brought out this new toy, 
but I'm not impressed.
A 10 year hold might be strong enough to crank this out into the dump truck,
but what 10 year old plays with play dough?
Jonas enjoyed it as long as I was right by with him, helping.

Then it was off to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner 
where we ran into Fred!
You may remember we met him here a few months back.
He likes us.
(on the way out to the car, Téa said, "That was a cute Santa." (referring to Fred!)

We know children are not allowed at my Dad's rehab 
but we thought we would give it a try anyway.
 Especially since now he has a private room.
No such luck.

Then it was back home again 
where they could enjoy their Easter Egg hunt aftermath.

Amy left 2 pictures of the family for the twins 
to hold and look at while they are gone.

We were too busy and distracted today, 
but I think this is a great idea.
By mid week, they may be sleeping with these pictures.


Logan and Amy said...

This made our night!!! They look like they had a blast today. Téa's hair looked so good. We really loved Téa's comment about the cute Santa. Also, Jonas face when he was at the counter at the rehab place and they said no. He looks disappointed. That's funny that they still love having those animals on their back (or leashes). Thanks for posting this for us, it makes it easier for us. Love you all

Anonymous said...

Wow! That little girl is some sleeper! Maybe that's how she deals with the separation? So where are their siblings? It bet you'll have an easier time with them now that they are older. Remember when all they wanted to do was climb on top of your table? They are at a more reasonable age now and can communicate. I bet they are really fun and say the cutest things all the time... like the "santa" comment. Hope their parents have a wonderful time!

Karen Mortensen said...

How nice for Amy and Logan to be in Hawaii. That is great that you got to keep the twins. Have a wonderful time.

Kris said...

Ahhhh..... So cute! What a great recap! The photo if the twins' reaction to dad's hand was priceless!

grandmapeg said...

The twins always have fun when they stay at your house You are such a fun grandma! I've never thought about an Easter egg hunt on a regular day to entertain little ones but that is a great idea!

lindsay lark said...

No kids allowed at the rehab center? That's absurd!!! Not only are children allowed in the long term care facility that I work in, but it's encouraged. Employees can even bring their children to work. I think everyone can benefit from having kids around- especially when going through rehabilitation.

Thanks for sharing the fun pictures. And for keeping us all up to date on the family!

Sue said...

What a fun chance to have them stay so long. I'm sure they will be a bit homesick, but you guys will sail through this!


Grandma Honey said...

Lindsay...I guess they are worried about germs. If I'm ever in a rehab I don't think I could ever get well without children around.

Darlene~~ Amy's Mom is with the other kids. I think Téa is all caught up on her sleep now. Amy said she did not sleep well before they left. I had forgotten all about how they use to climb on our table!