Friday, September 21, 2012

Elora's cure for girl drama

As Elora was getting into my car after school yesterday, she was excited to say,  

"Grandma Honey, guess who's back!" 

"Remember Victoria? She's back from Texas!"

As Cami is WAY EXCITED to see her oldest sister...

I'm thinking....Victoria...Victoria....which one of Elora's many friends is she??
Oh yes, a few years back....wasn't she the one Elora concluded was born at Victoria Secret??

"So tell me more Elora..."

"Well in the short time Victoria has been back 
there has been SO much DRAMA at our school!
But I figured out a way to solve it!"

"Oh, do tell me."

"Well it's like this....
I tell one girl to meet me at the bathroom door.
Then I tell another girl to also meet me at the bathroom door.
But I have the 2nd girl coming from a different direction."

"So how does that help?" I ask.

"Then they are forced to talk to each other, 
and they work things out!"
She continues:
"But after it's all over 
I tell the girls not to tell my plan to anyone else.
Or then it won't work with the next 2 girls who are fighting." 

"I see."
(what else can I say but that?)

 And while her sisters were just happy to be out of the car....
Next to girl drama, homework is a piece of cake!


Anonymous said...

Oh, love this! So glad to hear another Elora story. I've missed her!

Brock Heasley said...

Good combination of words/pictures, Mom. This cracked me up. You captured them all pretty well. Glad you all had so much fun. Thanks again for watching them for us.

grandmapeg said...

First of all, your back seat looks like my back seat...filled with girls and carseats :-) I always get a kick out of the girl drama because Kasey always has something to tell me when I pick them up. Thanks for sharing Elora's story. She sure likes to try to keep the peace!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a darling story. Maybe her plan could be used world wide.

Darlene said...

Another great Elora story. Every family should have a peacemaker like sweet Elora.

Scrapally said...

What a sweet and smart peacemaker she is! i love your stories and are good at this journaling thing!!

Sue said...

I love that Elora.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH my Elora is adorable! What a fun post.
Been AWOL with visiting but my computer is giving me fits with not wanting to open blogs. Too many bytes I guess for my old lap top. I do hope it holds out a little longer.
Enjoyed coming by and catching up with you tonight

Mar~ said...

Elora is wonderful! What a fun girl!
I had a couple of thoughts after reading this: What do the girls say as they awkwardly meet by the bathroom door? Something like, "Just waiting for Elora..."
I can see the anxiety in young girls faces as they wait, looking at each other, away from each other, etc.
The other thought that occurred to me is that perhaps she will one day think of counseling as a career. Could be an option. :)

Kris Thurgood said...

That Elora is awesome!!!!!!