Sunday, July 22, 2012

She said it best.

“We must not drift away from humble works, 
because these are the works nobody will do. 
It is never too small. 
We are so small we look at things in a small way. 
But God almighty sees everything great. 
Therefore, if you just go and sit and listen, 
go visit somebody, or bring somebody a flower
–small things, wash clothes for somebody, 
or clean the house, very humble work. 
That is where you and I must be. 
For there are many people who can do big things. 
But there are very few who will do the small things.” 
~Mother Teresa

This quote reminds me of my mother. 
She was continually doing the small great things of life. 

On a bit of a different note, 
Look how a woman did 
I especially love how she got her children involved.


Karen Mortensen said...

That is wonderful. When it comes down to it, it is the small things that make the difference.

Anonymous said...

I love Mother Teresa quotes. She's my hero. And I loved the acts of kindness. It sounded like a really fun day for her.... and like she said, it did her heart good to see her kids enjoy being kind.

cristie said...

amen. xox

Heather said...

Thanks for posting the links to the Random Act of Kindness post. I am "home schooling" for preschool starting this fall and want to incorporate something like this into each week, this post gave me some great ideas!!!

Sue said...

Mother Teresa was an amazing woman.