Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Dad

4 weeks ago my Dad fractured his spine. But he didn't know what was causing his pain at the time.
He was finally diagnosed last Sunday but couldn't get an appt to get it fixed until the 17th.
The pain however got so bad that Susan called an ambulance this morning
and he is now at Clovis Community. The good news is, they will do the Vertebroplasty this afternoon.
He's run over 30 marathons and I've never even heard him complain about sore feet so I know he's tough.
And he reminded me again today of that. I think he was trying to comfort me!
We are praying this procedure will work, and he will be relieved of his suffering.


Scrapally said...

We are praying too!

Karen Mortensen said...

Glad he is getting that taken care of. My mom was telling me about the other day. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

Susan said...

Susan Reporting: All went well with the procedure. One fracture was large and the other tiny. Of course they cared most about the larger one. The bone cement was injected and will harden and he should be good as new. Dr. said it is not uncommon at all that this happened because of a sneeze. Richard is in good spirits and ate hardily afterwards. He appreciates all the calls and messages of care and concern for him. We can tell that prayers were answered. Thanks to everyone. Love, Susan

Sue said...

I'm reading this late, but I'm glad they have managed to mend it.