Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Den and I got to see this Devin Ashcroft  leave for his mission today.
Or so we thought.
His Mom along with the rest of us, 
watched Devin walk through the scanner and then on down that long hall. 

This is where Den and I went home.
It wasn't until later on tonight we read what his Mom wrote on Facebook:

"When Devin walked out of the airport he said it felt like he'd hardly been gone. Ha ha.
It's amazing how things work out. His flight at 12:45 had been overbooked and no one volunteered 
to go on the later flight so they bumped Devin to the 4:45 flight. 
For his inconvenience  they gave him $1000! Also, he had been too nervous to eat in the morning, 
but by then he was hungry and we went out to eat. 
Then, his glasses which we ordered last week hadn't arrived yet in the morning, 
but they got in later so we were able to pick up those on the way back to the airport at 3:30. 
Then, after Devin left and I went out to the parking lot at the airport, 
I was able to help a man jump start his car. So, it all turned out to be a blessing."

Sounds like those missionary blessings are already starting to pour in. 
Before he even left!

Devin will spend a few weeks in Utah in the Missionary Training Center,
and then on to Billings, Montana! 
McKenna's parents live in Montana and I know they will absolutely love him!

There's Devin not quite looking like a missionary yet in his clown suit.


Tyler Heasley said...

Devin's is already a great missionary, I'm sure. I wish I could be there in the MTC to see him go through. That was one of the mighty perks of the job.

Dad and Susan said...

Whoa! What a missionary story to tell! It's a good thing his parents stayed. Really? $1000? Wow. Dad and Susan

Karen Mortensen said...

What a great story. He seems like a wonderful guy. He will make a good missionary.

Rebecca said...

Awwwww! I love missionaries!

Becky Jane said...

Missionaries hold a super-duper spot in my heart. Living near the MTC in Provo, I just might get to see him at the temple...such a great story of how the Lord is in charge and mindful of all his childrens needs! Thanks for sharing!

Scrapally said...

that is Joel (in the flip flops) right behind Devin. He said how nice it was to be there to see him off. Then I read Anna's story on facebook. WOW! Thank you for sharing it again. Love amazing missionary stories! Our son served in Montana and I can't wait to hear Devin's stories!

Sue said...

Such an exciting and poignant time.


Eileen said...

Beautiful story! I love seeing how God is at work in our lives.
God Bless Devin!
Love and Prayers,