Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Must be hard when your Mom gets a boyfriend

I have had this goal for several weeks now 
of spending 15 minutes a day going through my files. 

So today I found this one stray letter  
my son Logan wrote while on his mission to the Philippines
 I don't know why it was not with his other letters, 
so I suppose I had not seen this one 
since the year 2000 when he got home. 

A little preface: 
Logan had written to me about a family 
that was in desperate need of baby clothes. 
He asked if I could send some things to this family. 
Here were some instructions for me at the end of his letter:
My boyfriend Danny? He forgot his name?? It was Dennis! 
Must be tough finding out your Mom has a boyfriend 
while you are on a mission....
and even worse when she marries him before you get home. 

I also found this picture in that same file. 
I had forgotten all about this one 
so it's been maybe 14 years since I'd seen it. 
His friends sending him off!
Oh, and as an update:

Dennis will often say,
"I could be 10 hours from home and need help,
and Logan would say, "Sure, no problem. I'll be there."


grandmapeg said...

Hey, I put in a good word for Dennis when Logan wrote me and I answered his letter :-) I know I didn't get the names confused :-) Those are two of many great men in your life!!! By the way, I love the sendoff Logan's friends gave him!

Scrapally said...

That was a cute post...we think Logan is a pretty neat guy too...and Danny. :)

Anonymous said...

Visiting the past can bring up lots of feelings.

Eileen said...

This is a wonderful post in so many ways. Your mother's heart thinking back on what her son must have been feeling about so many changes going on at home while he was away is so moving.

And Logan thinking of the needs of that family, and wanting to make sure they didn't know it was his doing. Really, so touching.

And I don't think Dennis could have paid a better compliment to Logan than that quote, it speaks volumes about both Dennis and Logan and the kind of men they are, and it speaks volumes about their relationship.

I love this post.
God Bless.
Love and Prayers,

Sue said...

What a great post, Jill!


Mar~ said...

Really sweet post.
You are always finding the most fun things from your past.
How can you spend ONLY 15 minutes in your files? Don't you ever just get lost in them? :)

Karen Mortensen said...

That Logan. What a guy.
No matter what you call your boyfriend, I am glad you found each other.

Lisa said...

Haha....i love humor like this & the heart Logan has is purely ANGELIC. That letter speaks volumes about his character. I LOVE HIM already & don't even know him! I love Danny too! : )