Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Does anyone have an opinion on which laptop to buy?

I've heard people say over and over that MACs are better. Do you disagree?

So we spent the morning at the Apple store. 

I think I have it narrowed down to either the Mac Book Air

 or the Mac Book Pro.

Does anyone have an opinion? 

I wanted something I can take traveling with me, 
but also something I can use in different rooms of our home. 
My PC laptop died in Oregon, so it's time to move on. 
I thought of an IPAD, but I'm not really into carrying my computer around town with me, 
So I don't think I need to go that light. 
And I would like a larger screen than an IPAD I think. 

As we were leaving the Apple store, Den said, 
"So what's wrong with just a regular PC laptop?"

Neither of us know the answer to that.
We've just heard Macs are better??  No?
And if so, can anyone tell us why?


Rebecca said...

I LOVE my Macbook!!!! I would never have anything else. I could write a book on why. But first I have to tell you do NOT get an ipad. They are so so hard to type on that you would hate it for blogging!!!! I love my macbook and I have a cute case it slips in and I take it all over the place with me. I even downloaded little video clips from mormon messages and took it to church for primary! Reasons I love Macbook.
1. They almost never ever get viruses.
2. They are so so so easy and user friendly to use.
3. They have a great warranty.
4. Any problems, and there is online support 24/7. I have used this so many times I feel we are on first name basis at Apple.
5. The people at the Apple Store will help you any time too. They have FREE classes for you to take and they are amazing to help you with anything.
6. I LOVE it so much more for organizing ,editing and using my pictures I take.
7. Macbooks almost never break down or have problems. I have not had a single issue with mine, nor has John. We love them so much.
8. If you have any family members in college, (your son) you can get a discount on your Macbook.
So there it is. Go with the Macbook Pro. You will love it. It is amazing.
P.S. I do not work for Apple.....hehe.

Rebecca said...

ps. Mine is the 13 inch. It is plenty big enough.

Anonymous said...

Davey said that the thinness of the pro takes away some important features.

Anonymous said...

He is aggainst air did I say air?

Karen Mortensen said...

I don't have a clue. Good luck and I hope you get all your questions answered.

Grandma Honey said...

Rebecca...thank you so much for your list...Dennis and I read it together just now and it is SO helpful!!

Robin~ Please ask Davey what important features the AIR takes away from being so thin. I know Davey is very familiar with computers.

nrozier said...

Ugh. I do not worship at the alter of Apple and think that unless you are doing heavy design work or working for a company that uses Apple, stick with the good 'ol PC. I've used both and am a huge fan of the PC for a number of reasons.

1. You can get a decent PC laptop with all the bells and whistles for less than $600. That is a huge savings over Apple.

2. People say you get less viruses with Apple but over the past 8 years I've had 3 laptop PCs with no virus protection and have only ever had one virus (which I was asking for since I was illegally downloading movies).

3. Who are all these people needing tech support?! I run a small business and use my Dell laptops heavily and I have never had an issue that required tech support (and I am not that computer savvy).

4. When it comes to Apple I think a lot of the mark-up in price is due to the hipster "culture of Mac", fancy packing, and snazzy stores.

5. People say that Macs are more user friendly, but I find this to be the opposite. Mac uses their own language that is not especially intuitive. For an example if you turn a brand new PC on you can find the internet by clicking on the "Internet Explorer" button. On a Mac you have to know that the internet is called "safari" before you know where to go. Sure, this is stuff that can be learned easily, but there is a learning curve to take into account.

I've been both a Mac person and a PC person at different points of my life and overall I'm a big fan of the PC. Just my two cents!

Rebecca said...

It is the Air that is thin, not the Pro. Also I am one who needs lots of tech support. Maybe it is because I am not that computer savy. But I cannot count the number of times I have called Apple's tech and he has walked me through things. I also have brought my lap top in for help to the Apple store as well. Also, with my other PC, I have had to have it in the shop many times for weeks, if you have an apple problem, which I have not, they will just fix it within 24 hours. Amazing!

the Rich girl said...

I know you already know that I vote for Mac.

I bought a PC my second year of college, and by the end of my third year, it had already crapped out on me.

Yet here I am almost three years later, and my MacBook Pro still works as well as the day it arrived.

My favorite thing about Macs is that everything that goes into the computer is all made by Apple. So everything works seamlessly together. Whereas with PCs, different parts of your computer are manufactured by different companies, and they don't always mesh well together.

I would say, consider what you need a laptop for. Really, I don't think you have any specific needs that calls for either a PC or a Mac specifically, so I say go for the best quality you feel you can afford/feel is appropriate/want. Which, in my opinion is the Mac.

As for MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air, I'd say call Tyler and see what he says (this weekend). He did an ad campaign for the MacBook Air while we were dating, so he probably knows quite a bit about it. And of course, he has used a MacBook Pro for work, school, church, and leisure.

Tyler Heasley said...

You're welcome to call me and ask whatever you like, but I don't know everything there is to know. I can tell you that the thinness of the MacBook Air means the removal of a CD drive, but that's becoming less of a necessity for most people since most things are downloadable.

I have a 15 inch MacBook Pro, which I absolutely love. If you go smaller (13 inch), the sound quality drops dramatically, but that's not an important thing for most people. (Where Karen and I watch TV shows online, we almost always use my 15 inch Pro over her 13 inch because mine has way better speakers.)

I haven't read the other comments in full, so I may be redundant. But basically, here's my opinion on PCs and Macs: you get what you pay for. PCs can do everything a Mac can, but the user experience is entirely different. If someone was going from using Macs all her life to using a PC, she would be totally lost because PCs are designed to show you more than you need to see. If someone goes from using PCs all her life to using a Mac, she would figure out how to use it within an hour (with more learning as time goes on, of course). Overall, you get what you pay for: more money means less hassle and a far better experience, whereas less money means a laptop that usually works okay and gets you by). I lean toward Macs, but not everybody does, and I understand the reasons why for the most part.

Anonymous said...

I'm not partial to either operating system, but I'll be starting grad school in the fall and will be purchasing a MacBook Pro.

I've always had PCs and have never had one without problems. My college desktop needed work almost immediately. My past two laptops have both physically fallen apart in less than two years. I'm not hard on computers, but I would like a laptop that can travel with me. I'll be purchasing a Mac because, while they are more expensive, I know it will carry me through all my years of grad school without needing to be replaced. They're just more reliable.

Sue said...

I like my mac better, but I'm not sure if that's just because it's what I'm used to.


Chris and Cortney Walker said...

I am also a Macbook Pro consumer! We love ours! I have never had any problems and I feel like I can do so much on ours that you ant do on a pc. I also love that you have a 7 hour battery life depending on what you are doing! I also have the 13 in and its a perfect size screen!

Heidi Garvin said...

Here's my recommendation: ask my dad. (That's what I do!) :-)

He has/has had both PC and Mac laptops and also has an iPad. He is able to articulate his opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of Mac vs. PC. I believe in his mind it all depends on what you will be using the laptop for...

Heidi Garvin said...

I would also add that "PC" encompasses A LOT of brands (not all of which are equal!!) and Mac is one brand... I think it depends which brand and which model PC you get and it's not really fair to lump them all together.

In my experience, the Pro has a lot of features that some people don't really need. But I have no idea the type or amount of work you did before, so you might utilize those features often, for all I know!

The Air is so pretty! And light! But as Tyler said, no CD drive.

If you're looking for JUST opinions about which Mac to get, Brett could be a spokesperson for Apple and tell you all the everythings about the Pro versus Air. :-)