Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I think this girl was raised right.

This happened at a high school in Ohio this week.

A runner collapses right before the finish line.
Instead of whizzing right by her to complete her own race,
another runner stops and helps her exhausted opponent. Take a look.


Karen Mortensen said...

That was awesome. Wish more stuff like this would be on the news.

Eileen said...

She has a servant's heart, and I agree that she was raised right. Her family must be so proud!

This brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks for sharing this.
Love and Prayers,

Sue said...

Love this.


Grandma Honey said...

Yes Eileen I agree...a servant's heart. This is not something she had time to think about. It was already in place.

grandmapeg said...

That was indeed a noble thing for that runner to do, and like you mentioned in your comment to Eileen, she did it without having time to think about it. That is the sort of thing that always brings a lump to my throat! Thanks for sharing!

Richard said...

Seems weird to me. That race was only 2 miles. It's more likely she was down and hurt than fatigued...it's a nice sentiment, but very odd.

Grandma Honey said...

2 miles? Maybe she was just having a hard day. Whatever, it was still sweet.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Such a beautiful post. I too think she was raised right and I admire her so much for helping.
Makes me proud to see a act of kindness like this by young people.
Hope your well and I wanted you to know I am having a giveaway and hope you can put your name in the hat.

Richard said...

That reminds me of Whitney's comment, when exhausted in the back seat of the car, after running the 400 meter race at the district middle school track meet and being reminded that her grandpa had once ran more than 500 such laps in a single race, "yeah....but he wasn't going as fast as he could!"

Darlene said...

That was just so sweet. Just goes to show that her heart was in the right place. I love to read about good things like this, so often everything in the newspapers are about criminals and all the nasty work they do. I almost hate to pick up a newspaper anymore.

Scrapally said...

Very sweet! I love "feel good" news items!

cristie said...

it's such a good reminder for me. i only hope that i would be as compassionate. xox