Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some things that baffle me about Oregon

Just some odd or unusual things 
we discovered the past week in Oregon.

1. I'd always heard the best berries come from Oregon. 
McKenna served us some beautiful ones so one evening after leaving their apartment, 
we decided to go buy some for ourselves. Upon entering Whole Foods this is what we saw:
 Nope, not buying California berries in Oregon.

Also, while on the subject of Whole Foods, 
look what they had right outside the front door...Their very own garden:

2. We never saw even ONE umbrella the entire time we were in Oregon. 
Not one. 
Even though it was raining at least 50% of the time we were there. 
We did however see this in the lobby of our hotel:

3. One morning while getting my breakfast in the hotel 
one of the workers came up to me and handed me these:

I said to her, "No you must have me mixed up with someone else." 
She said, "No I don't. These are for you. I want you to have them." 
So not knowing what else to do, I smiled and thanked her. 
Then as I was walking back to our room I remembered I just had my socks on, no shoes. 
So I'm wondering ...was this her nice way of telling me the hotel required me to wear shoes?? 
If so, why would they care? Aren't socks easier on carpeting anyway?

4. At one of the grocery stores we visited, 
look what I found on the counter in their public bathroom.

 They were obviously there for the taking.
Sorry to say this, 
but where I come from they would have all been swooped into someone's purse

5. We totally LOVED how it is against the law to pump your own gas in Oregon. 
A very friendly vested man would come to our car door and Dennis would say, "Fill er up." 
Just like in the 1970s...or was that the 60s? 
This only happens in  Oregon and New Jersey.
Why can't it be against the law to pump our own gas in California!

6. At church on Sunday we had a few people tell us that Grant looks just like Grandpa Dennis! 
One teenage girl said something like, "I never knew who Grant looked like. 
But now that I see his Grandpa, I can tell where he got his looks." 
I didn't correct anyone...I just agreed with them all, that they do look alike.

7. At the hotel breakfast look what they do to their fruit!

Not sure why they wrap it all up like that, but I kind of like it.

8. And this was the most baffling of all. 
We stopped at a grocery store in Medford, Oregon on our way home yesterday. 
Right inside the store is this:

The sign says you can leave your 2-5 year old with the "attendant" while you shop. 
Can you imagine the problems this could create?
I wouldn't leave my child with a stranger even if they paid me to shop there. Crazy!

Take a look at what Dennis surprised me with.
We had just left Aunt Wanda's and I just so happened to have my camera on....


pebble said...

I grew up in Oregon, but have lived in Utah for 35 years, so it's really fun to see these posts of your trip!
Oregon strawberries are in season for about 3 1/2 weeks. It depends on the weather but it usually starts the second week in June to the last of June. They are not even at all the same as California berries, much much softer and sweeter! It's like an different fruit entirely...
I'm going to Mom and Dad's the first week of July and hope there are a few scragglers still around, and plan to enjoy the Raspberries!
And yeah, Oregonians don't care about umbrellas. And they walk with their heads up in the rain. :) It's soft rain, who needs an umbrella for a dash to the car?
I've never seen wrapped fruit before, weird!
Did you know it's illegal to talk on your cell phone and drive in Oregon? yep...
Smiles, Melinda

Karen Mortensen said...

The temple was beautiful. The berries reminded me of when my neighbors were going to move to China. They were told to bring the toasters and such from the US because they were better. I came home and looked at my toaster and it said made in China.

Richard said...

Ellie May, you need to get out Jethro

Eileen said...

Great post!

I was thinking the same thing about the offerings in the public bathroom, they only do that in NYC if there is an attendant to watch over everything that's offered. Otherwise the whole kit and caboodle would be gone in seconds! And I think it would be same here with the outdoor garden in front of a grocery store, unless there was a security guard, those plants would be uprooted in no time flat! It's nice to see there are still areas where you can trust your fellow man.

And the gas attendant pumping gas did bring back memories of a much nicer time too.

Those 'baby-sitting' areas are offered at IKEA here, and there are always tons of parents that leave their children there! It amazes how people would NEVER think to leave their wallets or purses for a perfect stranger to safeguard, but they will gladly leave their children behind so they can shop in peace! I don't get it at all.

I came back here last night after everyone went upstairs and read for a long while, and I got up to the Twins Birthday post (can't believe they are three already! Both so adorable!), and I loved each and every post. I'll have to come back sometime and catch up on everything else I missed.

Happy trails to you and Dennis!
Love and Prayers,

Nate and Julie said...

What an interesting state. Did you know that it is also illegal to make a u-turn in Oregon? They have those play place/day cares in all of the IKEAs. I have never used it, but I know several people who shop there just so their kids can play!

Grandma Honey said...

Melinda~ We have that no talking while driving law in Calif too. I've heard that Oregon got it before us. I had no idea you use to live in Oregon!

Karen~ Too funny about the China toaster!

Richard~ No comment

Eileen~ Calif and NY sound similar. :(

Julie~ I had heard about not making u turns in Oregon but had forgotten all about it when we were there. I hope we didn't make any. But they have yellow blinking arrows for those who want to turn left. Took us a while to get use to those.
I don't get parents who would leave their kids at an IKEA play station!

Brock said...

Elora begs to go to ikea so that she can play in the play place, she calls it a child spa. Ican walk by anytime and see in as can every other shopper, the employees have had background checks which more than you get with the church nursery!

McKay said...

I love this post and I love it here! I can't wait for you guys to come back!

McKay said...

Oh and this is McKenna but McKay would probably say the same thing

Grandma Honey said...

Brock~ Elora is older though. She can tell you what's going on.

Also, I know the church nursery people. Not that they are all perfect, but I know them enough to make a decision for my child...if I had one :)

Dennis said...

Regular activity and service in the church means more to me than a background check. A background check means almost nothing to me.


Sue said...

What a wonderful surprise, Jill! I love visiting temples I haven't seen before.

My eldest sister was adopted, and we used to just crack up over how people would go on and on about how much we resembled one another.


Brock said...

Sorry guys that comment was from Erin not Brock, and I let Elora play in ikea when she was 5, felt totally safe. I have walked into a ward that we have been visiting and left my kids with nursery workers I didn't know, I don't see the difference. I think if a person wanted to hurt a child they wouldn't pick a place that has glass walls

Grandma Honey said...

Miranda~~ For some reason your comment didn't show up but I saw it on my blogger dashboard. You said those apts look just like the ones you lived in when you were in Tigard. You said Mark grew up in Tigard 2nd ward and you wanted to know if McKay and McKenna are in that ward now. They are in Fanno Creek ward but I wonder if that could possibly be the 2nd ward since now the church uses names instead of numbers for wards. I hope McKenna or McKay know the answer and see this.

Dennis asked someone at church in Tigard last Sunday if they knew Mark's Dad since he had heard he was Stake Pres there a few years back. This man did know him and said he is a very down to earth man.

Richard said...

I leave Chickee at Ikea in Draper on Tues when kids eat free and it hasn't been a problem...

Grandma Honey said...

Erin~ The child care station we saw was in a far corner of the store....sort of dark and away from everything. We saw one attendant and one little boy. Both of them looked bored. Sounds like IKEA does a better job of it.

grandmapeg said...

Too many pictures to comment on all of them, but I loved them all. I'm still smiling at the slippers and wondering why you would walk to the dining area of your hotel with just your socks on. I'm germ and dirt paranoid so I never walk anywhere without shoes or slippers on. The temple is gorgeous! I'm so happy you had a wonderful time.

Tyler Heasley said...

My favorite one is the slippers. That just sounds awesome. I want someone to hand me complimentary slippers someday.

Also, I like that Grant and Dennis somehow have the same genes.

Grandma Honey said...

Richard~ Den and I had a good laugh just now and we don't even get your comment.

Tyler~ Like I always say...genes can be an interesting thing.

GrandmaPeg~ I would never go out and about in a hotel bare footed, but socks are good enough protection for me. And the really odd thing is...I was all over that hotel in my white socks and they never did look dirty. WHITE socks. I didn't know any place could be that clean. Love Homewood Suites!

Lynn said...

Interesting discussion about the kids' playplaces. Pedophiles show up in every walk of life. However, I agree with Erin...a child molester is not going to harm a child in a place with glass walls! Dennis, I was surprised to read that you don't place any stock at all in background checks. They won't catch a first-time offender, but they will certainly catch repeaters. Our church, even with glass walls, requires LIFEScan of all volunteers. It's just another layer of protection that makes sense for our precious children.

Ammy said...

They pump your gas around here too...but you can go to self service as well! I like for someone to fill my gas tank up....feels nostalgic!

Lisa said...


Darlene said...

I really had to laugh when I saw the first picture of the fruit from California!!

Oregon does have a lot of lovely things to take in. I love the beautiful scenery.

I wouldn't mind it if Dick didn't have to pump our gas all the time. I had forgotten that there are still a couple of states where that particular service is law. Not a bad one either!!

I agree with you, I would never have left my child with an unknown attendant. Seems to me it would be easy to make off with a child at one of those. They can't possibly keep track of all of the kids. Plus kids can be pretty bad to other kids too. You just would never know what kind of an experience they would have.

I have to say though, that visiting the Temple grounds there would be a great experience. The only thing better would have been to go inside for a session.

Valerie said...

I've only been to Oregon once and had a delish berry smoothie there. I'm very leery of giving my credit card to anyone so it was strange to hand it to a gas attendant at the first gas station, not being warned that they had to pump it before my trip. :)

Tamara said...

Jill, I truly hope we can get together on your next visit to Oregon. In the meantime, you obviously need a former Fresnan to answer your questions/concerns/comments.

1. Some of the best best berries DO come from Oregon...however it's barely spring here! While you're heating up in the valley, our berries won't really be in season until next month...JULY!'s that cool here. Take that whichever way you'd like. :)

Portland is a pretty yuppie place...gardens in in front of a grocery store? Not surprising...and another reason we live in a "green" state.

2.Welcome to Oregon! It can rain a lot here, especially in Portland and unlike Fresno! Our rain is often a light, misty people use on their patio misters to keep cool in Fresno summers. Most locals don't bother to use umbrellas. That's how we spot tourists! :D

3. Don't know.

4. Another nice thing about Oregon...there seems to be a lot more honor....and less thievery. I think it comes with the more laid back attitude here.

5. I'm so spoiled now that if I have to drive across the bridge into Washington, I make sure I have enough gas that I don't have to fill up on that side. Pump my own gas?! I might as well visit California! :D

6. I have no idea
7. That IS weird. We don't plastic wrap our fruit in fruit country! :)

8. That is a Fred Meyer store, indigenous to the Pacific Northwest. When we lived in East Wenatchee, WA, they built a new store there when Jarrett was pre-school and Megan was a baby. I had Jarrett at the store daycare once while I shopped...and he loved it. I thought it was a great idea and was sorry we moved back to California before I got to use it much. In California I would be afraid to leave my child at a store daycare too...but not so much here. People live in the Pacific Northwest because it's a different way of life...and that's coming from someone who made their living in California in television news!

Dennis' surprise...that's the temple in Lake Oswego and it's beautiful! My good friend lived at the apartments just as you made the turn to go down the road to it. She worked in the temple for a while until last year. Of course, I never have seen inside. :D

I hope this helped you understand some of our oddities...which are all really pretty nice! I'm proud to be a transplant and call Oregon home!

Ann said...

Hi Grandma Honey how are you? My two training trip to Hillsboro is on and i will fly a lone in another two weeks... i'll stay nearby hillsboro airport near to my training place. I am looking forward learn something during my course( hope my boss wouldt regret for the course he paid)to explore and shopping at hillsboro and extend one week at san francisco & LA & Las vegas. this is the only oversea business trip in my life since 6 yrs working with my current company. I was one of the lucky.Business class flight,meal, car rental and hotel paid by company.just of course im scare to drive at the left hand side.. still wonder how :).i might have chance to tigard for dinner if my Ireland colleague ok with tht..hv a nice day..

Ann said...

Hi Grandma Honey.. I wish to sent you a small keychain from My homeland.I scare of your privacy, i think since last week.May i know any other way to sent to you> i will left hillsboro this Friday.Thank sorry to hear about your dad, i hope everything is going well.

Grandma Honey said...

Ann~ Isn't Hillsborro beautiful?! I loved it there. We got our berries at Whole Foods. Enjoy your trip!

Ann said...

Grandma Honey.. yeah,.. here have everything... beach & mountain (Mt Hood) .. whole year can skii.. i went to Multomah Falls .. the hiking route is nice.. very beautiful here....i like weather when it is not too hot.. thanks a lot grandma Honey.take good care ;)