Friday, May 18, 2012

My conversation at Whole Foods

I've been hearing on Dr Oz that we need Krill Oil for excellent omega 3s,
so I finally decided to pick some up while at Whole Foods this week.
After I found the girl in charge of the supplement section, I asked her:

"Where might I find your Krill Oil?"

She answered sort of proudly, "We no longer carry it." 

Not understanding her rather happy voice I asked, "Why not?"

Then she stepped a bit closer to me, put her hands together
in front of her chest like she was about to give a speech and said,
"Whole Food has decided not to carry Krill Oil because we need it for marine life. 
There is a shortage going on and we must save it for the animals 
before we can sell it for human consumption."


"We need to take care of the animals."

"oh. All righty then."

I don't know. I sort of walked away feeling lower than a fish.


Karen Mortensen said...

I know what you mean. Seems people care more about animals than people.

Ry said...

Sometimes I forget you live in California. Then I remember.

Rebecca said...

Jill, the same thing happened to me! Exactly!!!!! I ended up ordering it online with Dr. Mercola. It is very good and high quality. I am liking it a lot. BUT the first time they sent it it was melted, I called and they resent some more. So, good customer service there.

Grandma Honey said...

Hey Ryan...Rebecca lives in Utah. Ha! So it's not just California. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh I forgot to add, after she gave the same speech you got, my sales clerk then added that Whole Foods does not want to support the upsetting of the natural food chain in the ocean.....

Ammy said...

Seems like the workers at Whole Foods has been told exactly what to say. You wonder if they really feel that way or are just saying it because they were told to....know what I mean?

Sue said...

I ordered mine from Dr. Mercola, too.


Grandma Honey said...

That's what I was thinking Ammy. I wish you could have seen the clerk go right into the speech mode. Like she had it all rehearsed.

Lisa said...

COSTCO has an excellent grade Krill Oil.

Valerie said...

Like you, my family doctor also heard the same health news from Dr. Oz. And he shared it to me then recommend this krill oil from a doctor named Dr. Mercola. Have you also tried taking this supplement? I think it has good effects with my digestion so far.