Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Winning Breakfast idea

This was a perfect breakfast for 8 and 9 year old girls 
to make almost by themselves...just a little oven help.

They each mixed up 1 egg, 1/4 cup flour, 
and 1/4 cup milk in their bowl.

Then after melting 1 T butter into each cake pan, 
they poured their egg concoction into their pans 
and baked it @ 425' for 13 minutes.
(these only took 10 minutes-- 
probably because our pans were larger.)

While watching their oven pancakes baking....
They discussed the next chapter of their novel:
"Okay, so let's have them fall in love 
and birds will be everywhere."

Now the fun part.
Cutting up their own fruit.

Now wouldn't you love to eat something that looked like this?

Some sprinkling of powdered sugar made it all complete.

Took them no time at all to eat every bit of it.
A complete and happy breakfast!
This is where I found the recipe.


Anonymous said...

Where's the whipped cream? That's the only thing missing! (and whipped cream is another really fun thing to make!)

Sue said...

That looks both fun AND delicious!


Susan Rozier said...

Very cool. Much better when they can "do it themselves." Great fun. Love, Dad and Susan

Connie said...

You're a good grandma! Were those Cutco knives they were using? ;)

Grandma Honey said...

Very observant Connie. Yep, Cutco. Love their knives. I bought them all a year apart until I had 4.

Darlene~ Oh yes, they would have loved cream! but that's not something we ever have around here.

pebble said...

I tried this recipe this morning! Delicious, and indeed so easy...I just wish I had a couple of grandkids that could make it. Maybe in a few years when my boys are old enough? You are very blessed! You can see how it turned out on and I thank you, it was a very fun recipe to try on my spring break.