Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who is Rusty and what really happened?

Before I tell you the conversation I had with Jonas and Tea yesterday,
I want to apologize to Amy and Logan if Rusty is a friend of theirs.
And not an animal.

These 2 little people were standing right in front of me, side by side.
Téa looking oh so sad, and Jonas excited.

Téa:  Rusty got hurt.
Me:  Is Rusty a dog or a person?
Téa:  Rusty a cat.
Jonas:  Rusty a person
Me:  Oh. Uh...so what happened to Rusty?
Téa:  Truck broke Rusty
Me:  Oh, Rusty got ran over by a truck?
Téa:  Yes. Rusty dead. He so so sick.
Me:  So he died?
Téa:  Yes. He died.
Jonas:  The firemen came. Ladder go up the tree and get Rusty.
Me:  Oh so Rusty ran up a tree?
Téa:  Mommy take care of Rusty. He so so sick.
Jonas:  Rusty dead.

Like I've always said, two year olds are my favorite age.
But I'm curious what the real story is.
Obviously something happened.
They were both so into this conversation. I'm hoping Amy or Logan will see this and fill me in??


Sue said...



Heidi Garvin said...

I'm going to laugh if Rusty turns out to be make believe. But I'm obviously not going to laugh if Rusty is a person.

I really hope Rusty isn't a person. :-(

Susan Rozier said...

They need to get their stories straight! So cute. Dad and Susan

Scrapally said...

Can't wait to hear the "rest of the story!" They are great story tellers! How is Austin today?

Heidi said...

I don't think firemen would come to rescue rusty the person out of a tree... haha...btw Jill happy birthday! I hope you are doing something special to celebrate.


Karen Mortensen said...

Poor little Rusty. It sort of sounds like a combination of several stories.

C Dawn's bucket said...

I love talking to kids and hearing what they have to say.

Hope you had a great birthday!


Kylie Paige Ball said...

Rusty is a cat of Karen's (Amy's mom) mother, Wanda, who past away in 2006. Amy inherited the cat, Rusty. He just went missing one month ago. He was injured, but we don't know how, the night before he went missing. He is presumed dead. We all are saddened. He was a wonderful cat. The following poem will describe him:

Oh Rusty..
We miss you so.
Where you are..
We don't know.
Maybe you wandered,
But not too far
Because you were injured
Or struck by a car.
We still don't really know
But sleep now Rusty and have a good rest
We all love you
And wish you the best.

(written by Karen Woolley and the Heasley Family)

Rebecca said...

Don't leave us in suspense! Inquiring minds want to know....the rest of the story!!!

Tyler Heasley said...

Brock and Logan told me growing up that we used to have another brother named Ralph. I still don't know if I should believe them.

Darlene said...

So glad Austin's surgery went well and that it will bring about the results he so wants. Those twins are just so adorable and I don't blame you for loving two year olds conversations. You can tell that they really do miss Rusty though.

Grandma Honey said...

Kylie~~That is a beautiful poem you and your Grandma Karen wrote about Rusty! And it explains well why the twins are so confused about him...since no one really knows what happened. But at least we know he was a cat.

Lisa said...

After reading this hilarious post, I rushed to the comments because I KNEW one of your followers would KNOW the truth! LOL Such a crack up & oh you make me wish I was a Grandma! Happy Birthday! Did you see the slew of FB birthday wishes! You got LOTS of friends & family who love you! Also LOVED Tyler's comment! Reminds me that a friend sent me a link to my birth records & on it it said another girl in the same hospital was born at the same exact time as me with the name Elizabeth Hori (my maiden name) Did I have a twin???? We'll never know....lol