Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Three is the number of the day.

 The twins turned 3, and then five days later their Dad turned 33 .
 So what could we do, but celebrate together...

In not just one pizza parlor, but TWO.....or maybe it should have been 3.
I didn't ask, but I guess they liked the pizza better at Me N Eds 
(or Mister Eds as Den calls it)

And the games better at Chuckie Cheese.

Is it just me, or do you think these two look alike?

One family member can make a nice picture a bit, uh, creepy.
Karen (Amy's Mom), Kylie and Austin

And some family members just like to have a crazy good time.

One family member does not like to open her gifts until she is sure the rest of the fam is watching.

Two family members can't get enough of each other.
And unbeknownst to one of them, the other surprised him with an overnight trip 
to Bass Lake right after the party!
Just the two of them!

I think I know which birthday gift this boy liked best of all!

I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow.
We are having lunch with a special guest....


Susan Rozier said...

Such great pictures! I laughed at Jonas's PJs. Since his sister is afraid of bugs, how does she feel about that big spider on his chest? All too cute. Dad and Susan

Becky Jane said...

I love your pictures! I was going to pick a favorite and comment on it, but they are all so fun! (Spidyman jammies are the best!) How cool that it was all in the number 3.
♫ Happy Birthday to all 3 of them!

Sue said...

Happy birthday to one and all!

And have a great lunch with your little Spiderman.


Karen Mortensen said...

I can't believe the twins are 3 already. Wow. They are sure cute.

Mar~ said...

WOW! Three years old already! Those three years have flown by. They sure are darling!