Monday, April 30, 2012

So thankful all his dreams did not come true!

McKay and McKenna and baby Grant have officially moved to Tigard, Oregon
His 7 year BYU experience is over.
TODAY he began his job as an actuary in downtown Portland

This made Den and I think back to the year 2000.
Listen to what McKay's dreams were back in high school
(not exactly the answer they expected from the "Student of Promise"!)

One happy Daddy coming home to his family after 1st day on the job.

I love this clip of McKay juggling 3 years ago.
(I just didn't want him making a profession of it.)
Can't get enough of the music either.
(McKay is the one in the solid white shirt and frayed jeans...
I think the same pair he wore all through high school.)

I use to watch this video and cry
because I couldn't go to Provo to see him.
But guess what?
Weep no more Grandma Honey...We get to go to Portland in 2 1/2 weeks!!!
And it's not just McKay....
We have 2 more we get to love now~~~ McKenna and Grant!


the Rich girl said...

This is probably one of my most favorite blog posts of yours, Jill. McKay looks so grown up!

(We miss them!!)

Sue said...

He's quite the juggler!


PS. So glad you will be able to go see them now...

Anonymous said...

So happy for you!

Susan Rozier said...

Wow! What a great blog and loved the videos. Does his great mathematical mind contribute to his being able to juggle? Or is that vice versa? Impressive on so many levels. We really enjoy this. Love, Dad and Susan

Rebecca said...

An important day for sure....the grownup real world.
And not to fear, I am sure McKay will still be juggling...but it won't be balls, but things like famiy, work, etc...Look how big baby Grant is getting.
I know you will have such a fun visit. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Ammy said...

I remember when you posted this video a long time ago. I love to watch it and it mesmerizes my girls...

Anonymous said...

OK so what is an actuary?
McKay looks so happy! He must really like his new job and new life!

Grandma Honey said...

An Actuary according to wikipedia is:
"A person who compiles and analyzes statistics and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums."

I had never even heard of the word actuary until McKay decided to become one.

McKenna Heasley said...

I am so excited to see you and Dennis! And I am so proud of McKay! Didn't he look handsome yesterday? Grant and I feel pretty lucky!!

grandmapeg said...

WOW...he is good!!! Did he teach himself to juggle or did he have a teacher? That is so fun and such a talent to entertain his little Grant with, I'm sure! Is the smile on his face from a good first day at his job or the fact that his little guy was waiting for him?

Karen Mortensen said...

I am so happy for them and so glad you get to finally get to go and visit them. Have a great time and give Grant a big hug for me.

Darlene said...

It is so neat that he has become an actuary. That is a good proffession indeed. One of my very best friends was an actuary for Prudential Insurance Co.

It is neat that he works in Portland and lives nearby. Honestly, I can remember the first time I went to Portand. I was just 10 years old and had never been outside of the place where I was born, in Pocatello, Idaho. I thought it was the most beautiful city ever. We were fascinated by the beautiful roses and were there for the big Rose Parade. I hope that you will be able to visit them one of these days.

Loved the videos too. what a great juggler!

Hope you are doing well. I'm finally starting to feel somewhat decent but think I'll probably be coughing for a few weeks yet.

Take care, my friend. I do love hearing from and about you.