Friday, April 27, 2012

His little menu

One day many years ago I woke up to find this on my fridge:

Not sure how old Tyler was when he wrote this, 
but I suspect it was long before he entered that Spelling Bee in 4th grade.

I must have been complaining about what to make for dinner one day. 
I must have told him I needed suggestions, or maybe I didn't.
Tyler was helpful like that.

I followed it every night for that entire week.
It was a great week back in 1992 or whatever year that was.
I don't know about you, but deciding what to fix is the hardest part of cooking.

Actually I thought his little menu was lost forever...and then I found it just last night!

I've saved so many of my sons' school awards, report cards, soccer pictures. 
But this little menu looks like gold to me now. 
It brings me back to a time when my little boy was just trying to help his tired Mom. 

"Enjoy the little things, 
for one day you may look back and realize 
they were the big things."
~~Robert Brault

So does menu planning come easy for you?
Or do you run into the same problem I do 
of not wanting to eat what you had planned for that day? 

Couldn't resist sharing Tyler's treasures.


Susan Rozier said...

I agree that thinking of what to fix is a bigger problem than fixing it. Love the quote. Cute post. Love, Susan

grandmapeg said...

Menu planning does not come easy for me because I have the same problem as you do. When the kids were in grade school I went through a phase of having them each plan a dinner and then they discovered they had the same problem as I do :-) I love Tyler's menu. I think you must have either a very organized closet or cupboard where you keep all of these treasures from years past. I admire you for that!

Rebecca said...

Ha this is funny! What is Mollie's Chicken?

Anonymous said...

Don't you love it when you find old notes?
Look at Richie's LONG fingers!

Sue said...

That menu is one of the cutest things ever! (And that baby is the other...)


PS. Mom's kinda cute, too! ;)

Scrapally said...

funny that I read this as I am trying to figure out my menu and grocery list for the week. it IS hard...

Karen Mortensen said...

I like and agree with what Sue said.

Mar~ said...

This menu is the best! I love it! And for some reason, before I even got to the end of it, I suspected it was Tyler who wrote it. :)
What a helpful kid! And he has great taste.
I too would like to know what Mollie's chicken is?
Cutest post ever.
I love the little notes left by young children.

Becky Jane said...

Menu planning is the worst. Once I spent hours and days making an entire years worth of menus. I'd planned on never having to think again. but, like all well laid plans it didn't work and I finally gave up.