Friday, April 13, 2012

Do you like people who share their life?

I noticed something yesterday.
This all happened within 24 hours.

First, McKenna called from Oregon where she is trying to find an apartment for them.
She called Dennis to go over the possibilities between one in Tualatin, and one in Tigard.
When he hung up he was beaming. Not just smiling, but beaming.
And he said, "I guess she just wanted to check in with me." He LOVES that.

Then, we found a message on our answering machine from my brother Scott
letting us know that their son Tanner got his mission call to Australia!
I didn't even ask him to call me, but he did! Really made me happy.
Like he knows I would want to know.
Like I am important enough to him to share his news with me....
rather than just hear it on Facebook, or through the rest of the family.

A woman I visit teach called to tell me she is going to be having cataract surgery.
She said, "I just wanted to let you know. I didn't want you hearing it from someone else."
Again, I felt honored she would want me to know.
I told Dennis and he said, "Well wasn't that so nice of her to call you."
He gets it too.

I also found an email from a close friend of mine letting me know
that her husband came through just fine with a medical procedure he had done that day.
Again, I don't think I asked her to let me know, but she just did.
And I did want to know.

One of my sons called Dennis to go over some school decisions with him.
He always feels honored when this happens.

Plus, we were sent these 4 photos by 4 of our children:

 Grant hanging out on a beach in Oregon.
Soon to be his home state!

Kris with Rachel at the happiest place on earth.
They had gone earlier in the month, but she wanted us to see this special picture.

 Robby is team captain for the day in Logan, Utah

And the Richie Boy showing his newly sprouted hair. 
Looks like it's coming in Daddy color, but maybe it's lighting here.
Also looks like his teethies are sprouting. 

Of course this is just in one 24 hour period.
We hear from other members of our family on different days. 
But I am realizing how very much I love having them check in. 

Do you like it when family and friends volunteer info about their life to you?
Are you good about volunteering your life info?
I'm not :(
But then in some ways, maybe I tell them more than they want to know.   :)


Tyler Heasley said...

Dennis always gives the right answers. I usually just call him to test his knowledge and wisdom and to make sure he's on the right frequency. Dennis, you pass. (Also, thank you. Immensely.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love it when people share their lives with me. I guess you could describe me as curious. I really am interested in other people. Do I share my life? Only with a select few.
You, Jill, are one person who I feel comfortable sharing with. You are always so interested and ask lots of leading questions. I like that.

Sue said...

Yes, I love it when people share. And I kinda like sharing, too.


Lisa said...

jI think this post is reflective as You & Dennis are very interested in the relationships you've been blessed to have & they all know you deeply love & care about them. Of course they would call! Loved the pics! Australia for a mission sounds amazing. I've never met or heard of anyone going there so that's very exciting!

Anonymous said...

The pic of Richie looks a bit like Tea... don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Oh, is Grant still wearing his brace? His little feet look so straight! And cute!

grandmapeg said...

Yes, I definitely love to have family and friends volunteer information about their lives, especially when I have not asked because that shows me they 'want' to share it and even ask for my advice. I usually share things only to a selective few, which you know you are one of the few :-) I love all of these pictures!

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene--Now that you mention it, I think I can see a bit of Téa in Richie. I think Tyler once said he sees a resemblance there.
Grant's feet are doing really well. He only wears the braces at night now and will until he is 3 1/2. An incredible blessing what they can do now to help club feet babies.

kelly said...

My mom got tears in her eyes a few weeks ago when she mentioned to me that I don't call her at work anymore, I used to call her all the time. I had to inform her that since they changed her work number I could not remember it and her cell wouldn't work while she was at her desk. How sad huh? Well, she is retired now, so I will need to get back in the habit of calling her!