Thursday, March 15, 2012

The twins' conversation

I put together these little clips from last Wednesday, 
so the twins can look back some day 
and see their special relationship at 2 1/2 (I refuse to say nearly 3.)

Sorry about the dramatic ending. 
I had just turned off the camera thinking Jonas really got hurt. 
But Jonas popped his head right back up and said, "Sorry Téa."
(I guess he thought he had hurt her in the fall.)

The very cans of Playdough the twins played with this week, 
were the very same ones 
Macie and Elora played with in Jan. 2006. 
And seriously, it still smells just as wonderful, 
and is just as fresh and pliable.

Really, am I the only who LOVES the smell of Playdough?


Karen Mortensen said...

They are so cute.

Anonymous said...

They seem to get along really well. They'll be so happy to see this some day.
I know a girl/boy set of twins who are now in their 20s and have been close all their lives. It was so fun to watch them grow up. They really looked after each other.

Sue said...

Their relationship really touches me. And that little guy is going to be a GREAT husband someday. What a kind boy he is.


Grandma Honey said...

Their parents speak to them so kindly that they learn it from them. Also, their 5 siblings are so nurturing and good to them.

Mary said...

I don't know how everyone else feels about Playdough, but the smell of it makes me nauseous. It always has. So my poor kids never got to play with it. We made salt dough instead.

Anonymous said...

reminds me of nursery.. So cute!And it is wonderful that you are documenting all this for history..They will love to see this when they are older!


Darlene said...

They do seem to play well together, but I think it's interesting that the sister in this duo is really a take charge person and her brother always gives in to her. She seemed really concerned though when he fell and he apologized to her, that was pretty telling.

They will have so much fun watching this when they grow up. In the meantime, the dynamics could just change a lot. Twins are usually very close and I think these two always will be.

Ammy said...

I love the smell of play dough. I have made some for my girls and for the kids in our primary and I use baby oil instead of vegetable smells good too!

the Rich girl said...

I'll always be able to keep track of the twins' age since they were born just before we Tyler and I were married. It's crazy that we've been married for almost three years. But also awesome.

I love watching those two interact. It is so fun to watch them grow up together!

Lisa said...

THere are alot of virtues of playdoh, but for me the smell is not one of them. LOL BUt that is so COOL that you got them on dvd like that. TREASURES of GRANDMA HONEY. CUTE kids!

Becky Jane said...

I ♥ the smell of playdough too. It's such a soft smell. It was funny to see who was willing to share and who wasn't. If they're like my kids were, this changes all the time!