Sunday, February 19, 2012

The new Mr and Mrs

Colt and Sami Kennington !

So here is Colt's Mom, who is my sister Peggy....(with her daughter Sam)
I mean really, does she look like a Mom of SIX and a Grandma of FIVE ??
And it's not just the picture. She really looks this good.

Dad and Susan
They always make me smile.

And since I've been focusing on my niece Carly (since she lets me),
 Here are 3 of their children....

#4 is a free spirit...
This is the best I could do getting a picture of Jude.

and #5 still in Mommy's arms trying to keep warm.

I only know the 2 in the middle, Kevin McDonald and Jake (the groom's brother)
When someone told them they looked like a barber shop quartet...they broke out in song!
It was almost convincing. 

And then guess what? Dennis and I went to the reception last night and I forgot my camera! 
Crazy I know, but sometimes it even happens to me. 

It was all done up really nice....chicken salad sandwiches, salads, several desserts. 
Music, black and bright red decor....and the cutest little children running around every which way. 
I think I'm related to most of them.

Congratulations Sami and Colt!


Sue said...

Looks like a great wedding. Ours was wonderful, too. Seems we both had a very enjoyable weekend!


Dad and Susan said...

Perfect! Thanks again for allowing us to revisit this happy time via your blog. Love, Dad and Susan

Eileen said...

Such a pretty wedding! I loved the Bride's gown!
You and your sister Peggy look very much alike. And I think you both look young!

The bride looks like that British actress ( Kera Knightly ~ spelling? Has anyone else ever mentioned that? I can't be the first to notice the resemblance). She has such cute expressions!

Thanks for posting the photos and about the wedding, I love weddings!
All best wishes to the happy couple!
Love and Prayers,

Karen Mortensen said...

Looks like a wonderful day. I hope someone will give you some pictuers of the reception.

Scrapally said...

Great pics! thanks for sharing! the quartet member on the right is Joseph Swinney. Carly and her mom are both amazing women!!!

Darlene said...

Your wedding was terrific too! Ours was pretty great also, but I sure don't have any pictures of the reception. Dick hates to take them, and for some reason I just take lousy ones, so I am going to have to depend on someone elsed pictures. So glad that you were able to go. I would have hated staying home from ours, so I just went anyway, even if I was feeling lousy.

Lisa said...

Lots going on here! The pics all speak volumes and I loved how your kids & Dennis's kids & grandkids beamed JOY. The color in Kim's room is AWESOME too. I've never seen colors like that in any home I've been in & with my visual impairment, it captured my attention because I could SEE how beatuiful it was. The grandboy's are growing so fast & love how close they are! FUN POST to see!