Saturday, February 25, 2012

Karen and Tyler's new apartment

They actually moved in the week before Christmas, right before they flew out here to see us.
But today I got to see it for the first time via video!


grandmapeg said...

Their apartment is so nice and cute! I love the close up shot of Richie..he is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing this because I've been waiting to see their apartment since their move.

Anonymous said...

Nice digs!

Karen Mortensen said...

Nice apartment. Cute baby too.

Dad and Susan said...

That Richie is a doll! Pretty nice apartment to live in while struggling to get through school. Great choices. So happy for them. Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

Nice place! Love the sunny kitchen.


the Rich girl said...

This apartment is wonderful!! It is just like living in a little house--except that we have very very close neighbors. (Who are wonderful, by the way.)

We, once again, got a wonderful deal on this apartment, and are only paying a little more per month than we did on our first apartment in Provo.

And we have a wonderful ward.

And our landlords are also wonderful.

We are really so so blessed.

Mar~ said...

I love it!!!
And little Rich-man is such a doll! Of all their decor, HE is my favorite!
But they have acquired some really nice new furniture!