Monday, January 16, 2012

I have a sneaky daughter in law

Amy asked Logan if he would take this week off to take care of the kids so she could have a little getaway with her girlfriend Crystal. So he did.

But instead, she had it all planned out that she would surprise him instead. I played into this whole thing by asking Logan if I could have the twins for a few hours today. This gave Amy an excuse to bring them over, complete with clothes for the next few days.

I haven't heard yet how it went, but at 2:20 she was planning to tell Logan he had 25 minutes to pack. And at 4:40 this afternoon they both flew to Las Vegas together!

So Den and I have the twins until Thursday.
Amy gave me permission to do this all Grandma Honey style.

I'll explain.

First off I had their "hospital lunches" all ready and waiting for them.

They scarfed nearly every bit of these down.

When I served them spaghetti for dinner Jonas took just a few bites and said, "I give plate back." Téa wasn't interested in it either. Before Amy left she said, "If they don't like what we are eating then we don't make them anything else." but then she added this very key phrase, "But you are Grandma, so you can do what you want."

So away the spaghetti went, and I gave them English muffins coated with honey and mandarin oranges instead. No complaints here.

Off to the store we went to have some fun. 

Grandpa cautioned them to keep their feet and bodies inside the car.

If I were the Mom, I would have said at this point, "Okay you need to get out. You aren't following the rules." 

But no, I didn't say that.

And I definitely would not have bought them these Disneyland looking cups. 
I rarely ever bought my kids anything extra, and certainly not in the grocery store.

Nor would I have let them hang out looking like little beggars.

Then home for a bedtime snack of  Banana Shakes.

Look at the text we just got from the traveling parents:

and just a little FYI....what Amy meant by "He acted way better than I thought." Logan rarely shows much emotion, even when he is really happy, or even when he's sad. 
He's a stoic kind of guy.
So I guess this adventure pushed him over the top.


Logan and Amy said...

We are having a blast here together! We haven't spent a night alone since before the twins were born. It really made our night when we saw your blog post. I love that your spoiling them as Grandmas should be able to do! Thanks to you and Dad and my Mom for taking such wonderful care of our children while were away!
Amy and Logan

Eileen said...

Such a fun post!
So happy for Amy and Logan to get off by themselves for a bit!
And so happy for you to have some special moments with the twins! I can't get over how they have grown!

And I'm the same as you. I do so many things with/for the grands that I never did with my own!
And I was just like Amy ~ I always said that I wasn't running a restaurant, if they didn't like what was being served they didn't have to eat it, but I wasn't making five different dinners each day!

Enjoy, Jill!
Love and Prayers,

Becky Jane said...

Can I have the spaghetti? I'm a pasta girl. Amy is so cool to do this with her husband! and I'm sure Grandma is in heaven!

I remember my older brother getting 'upset' that our mom was giving his kids stuff that he never got when he was a

Sue said...

What a great wife (and a pretty neat grandma, too)!

Those twins are absolutely adorable!! Can't believe how quickly they are growing up.


grandmapeg said...

What a fun getaway for Amy and Logan! The twins look like they are having a fun time, but then they always do at your house. You and Dennis are such fun grandparents!

Connie said...

What a fun surprise for Logan! What a fun few days for Grandma! Cute kids!

Rebecca said...

So fun! Isn't it grand to be able to be a Grandma and not have to worry about spoiling them? You can feed them what you want, buy what you want and have a fun time!

Karen Mortensen said...

That is so awesome. Wish someone would whisk me away to Vegas.
That is nice you are taking care of the twins. Looks like they are having a great time.

kelly said...

That is so cool. Amy is such a neat person. I wish I could pull off something like that.