Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elora and her sisters

As Elora was trying to talk to me....

It cracked me up the way Violet wanted to be in on it all
Elora was telling me how sometimes her teacher asks her to teach some of the assignments.

I can totally see this happening. Elora is a natural.

Then when we got back to our house she wanted to write all about it in a journal she keeps here.

And look who the girls got to see last weekend!
Erin said Cami was totally captivated by Belle at Disneyland.
A little girl's dream come true.


Rebecca said...

I can completely see how the teacher would put Elora in charge! She seems much more mature than her age. The teacher knows this! Maybe Elora will want to be a teacher some day? Cute picture at disneyland. I don't know who's expression I like more.
Cami who seems so thrilled to see Belle.
Elora who seems tickled that Cami is tickled.
Or Belle who thinking how cute Cami is!

Eileen said...

Elora does seem so responsible, I can see why her teacher would put her in charge. And to teach a lesson! I'm sure her classmates listen to her too, she has that air of authority, and she has that magnetism. And I think Elora has a very smart teacher because sometimes it helps the students so much to have a peer tutor. And what a confidence booster for Elora!

And I love how excited Elora is for Cami meeting Belle!
Such a sweet, loving photo.

And I love seeing the magic of Disney through the eyes of children. I think that's why I love our vacations to Disney World so much.

Love and Prayers,

Natalie said...

Oh, those girls are so cute. That last picture is perfect on so many levels.

Sue said...

I've been missing Elora! Thanks for the new pics.

(She is so darling with her cute sibs.)


Karen Mortensen said...

They are all so cute. Wish Elora was in my class.

Anonymous said...

All of the above.... and I miss Elora videos!

Dad and Susan said...

Elora IS amazing! She reminds me of her mom SO MUCH.

Sweet Cami at Disneyland. What a GREAT picture.

That Violet is going to give Elora a run for her money, I think. She seems to be an early learner and pistol to boot.

Love these updates.

Love, Dad and Susan

Darlene said...

Elora must be very smart and responsible in school. I'm sure her teacher is really thrilled to have one like her in her class. She will probably want to be a teacher when she grows up. She is a natural for sure and I'll be she very good with little ones too.

I loved the picture of the kids at Disneyland.