Saturday, January 28, 2012

A doctor aborted the wrong twin

This is just the saddest story, on so many levels. But it's also thought provoking. Makes me realize how shallow some people are. Not to mention heartless. Do some people not get life at all?

A lady in Australia was told one of her twins would be born with a serious heart condition, so she wanted her Dr to abort that twin at 32 weeks. That's just 8 weeks before the due date. And the Dr accidentally killed the "wrong one."

The story.


grandmapeg said...

This is so sad and tragic! It makes me sad that there are people that are this way that they take innocent lives and discard them so easily. I know there are plenty of people that are not able to have children that would give anything to have a baby, even with serious health problems.

Susan Rozier said...

This was a very difficult article to read. In fact, I had to force myself to continue reading it, but I couldn't finish. The feeling of sadness was too overhelming. Susan

Robin said...

That is just about the saddest thing I've heard heart literally aches.

Grandma Honey said...

I know. It's horrible. I wondered if I should even put it on here but I've been thinking lots about it and how some just don't see life as sacred. That some don't understand blessings often come disguised as challenges.

Eileen said...

Really tragic. I've never understood the idea of attaining the 'perfect' baby.

Aren't they all perfect?

I consider myself very much a 'realist' and I realize that my children and grandchildren are all Blessed with differing traits, and they are PERFECT without being perfect.

Our youngest daughter has had many problems due to a medical issue that didn't manifest until she was ten, it didn't change our love for her, and it wouldn't have change our love for her if it had manifested while I was carrying her inside. We would of course had been sad for her and all she'd have to endure, just as we were sad for her when we found out all she'd have to endure at age ten. But she was STILL PERFECT in our eyes.

And the whole idea of abortion, well, when individuals sets themselves up as the Author of Life, when they feel they have the Authority to choose who lives and who dies, when they choose to step in and take the place of God, it's beyond frightening to me.

And if you read about the misery of some of these mothers and the regret and sorrow they carry in their hearts the rest of their lives, it's beyond despair.

Very moving post, Jill.
Love and Prayers for little ones,

Karen Mortensen said...

See what happens when someone plays God who isn't God. It never works out.

It makes me sad that people want to get rid of imperfect people. If that was the case, we would all be gone.

Holly Decker said...

abortions really upset me, i can see why you couldn't get it off your mind. i am so thankful for the truth that you and i know about the gift of life and God's plan. and i hope i can live in a way that helps others learn about what a gift life is.