Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's squishy around here.

For those who have asked....

You know how we thought our fridge was leaking? Well it wasn't the fridge.

We had had a repairman out last Saturday to install a new motor into our dishwasher. 3 days later is when we noticed water coming up from our laminate flooring. That is when we also noticed a continual leak under our DISHWASHER.

So we called Sears back...they sent someone out that day....who claimed the part that was leaking had NOTHING to do with the work that was done last Saturday. They claim it is pure COINCIDENTAL that our dishwasher began leaking right after that job was completed. And that went on for 3 DAYS before we realized it. All the while destroying our floors. And possible our bottom kitchen cabinets...we're not sure about that yet.

So we have water under our kitchen tile floor, and under our laminate flooring in our dining room and family room. We can hear squish squish squish whenever we walk. All that flooring will need to come out.

For now, we just want to enjoy our kids and grandbabies and the floors will just have to wait until after they leave. I just can't see us taking a jack hammer to our tile before Christmas.
If Sears will not take responsibility, our home owners will. Or they better.

The pioneers would laugh at us that I've been complaining about having no working dishwasher. But at least we have water again, unlike Tuesday evening...which means we also have flushing toilets again.

Tyler and Karen and baby Richie arrive today!
Good thing Grant and Rich are too little too crawl yet. They might get soaked down there.

I love saying "Grant and Rich"
Maybe some day they will run a bank together.


Lynn Campbell said...

Oh you poor thing! Violet is crawling all over the place; just send her to ME and I promise to keep her dry! So sorry about your laminate flooring. At least you have ceramic tile on cement in the kitchen!

Eileen said...

So sorry to hear about your floors! What a big job that is going to be!

I'm glad you're not letting it spoil the family visit though (not that anything could ever spoil that!), and it will be fun to see the babies together!

Thanks for posting, I've been thinking about you.

God Bless!
Love and Prayers,

Rebecca said...

oh no! Just be careful of mold!!! I think Sears should be on the ball doing something right NOW!!!!!

grandmapeg said...

That is such a shame that so much has gotten ruined but like you said, at least you've got running water. It's an inconvenience to have wet floors but having your kids and grandbabies there sure out weigh the bad! I can hardly wait for your pictures of Tyler and Karen and Richie! Oh, and you have to post a picture of Grant and Richie together!Fun, fun, fun!

Anonymous said...

Pictures, please!

Anonymous said...

My real estate mind is in motion about your water issue. I would get a plumber to independantly verify the source and then proceed. I am wishing good energy for you about that watery problem. I wanted to also let you know how much I love reading your blog. I am hoping someone took pictures of you seeing Richie for the first time.. and I cant wait to see you post all about Christmas in California.. I am the only one who hasnt met him yet. Merry Christmas and love to you and Dennis Jay

Grandma Honey said...

Apparently our home owners insurance agrees with you because they are coming this morning to rip out our floors, baseboards, and put holes in our cabinets to blow air into. They came out last night and told us to start packing up so they can easily move the big stuff. It's like flood/moving/babies/Christmas all into one!

Lisa said...

Man...that is one crazy story! Also there's something very endearing & captivating about seeing Grant & Rich's names together & in pictures. Can't explain it but for sure they have missions in this life far beyond anything we can comprehend, I'm sure!

What a treat to see McKay "live" today. His SMILE always MELTS me into buttery mess. It was exciting to see you at Church today too! I practically screamed, "GRANDMA HONEY!" But, kept my cool. LOL!!!

I also cannot wait to READ Brock's book! I sure hope they will make it an eBook for me as it can see so much better that way! Anyways, so sorry you had to deal with that sorry mess during the holidays! HAPPY NEW YEAR!