Monday, December 12, 2011

The happenings around here

1. My Christmas baking, and most of my cooking have come to a halt
since our dishwasher died and I am too spoiled to wash everything by hand. 
However, I have discovered this little gadget that probably everyone knows about but me.
I don't have to put half my arm in the dish water with this thing.

2. I ran into grandchild #18 at Kohls last week. 
I love this little girl!

3. We are having bed problems. 
I got rid of the twin bed in our playroom so we could invest in a full size one 
since all 8 of our children are married now. 
We bought a Costco memory Nova Foam since it had very good ratings. 
So it arrived and it's way too firm. 
SO then we bought a memory topper and that helped some but not enough. 
THEN I bought a padded plush mattress pad to go over THAT. 
Now the bed sits high....I'm not sure if I want such a tall bed in the play room. 
Has anyone tried the Nova Foam bed? Did you like it?
Elora slept in it Saturday night and LOVED it.
She came out once and said she couldn't sleep with Cami making so much noise talking I said she could sleep on the couch. 
Instead, she turned right around and went back to this bed. 
I don't think she wanted to give up that great comfy-ness.

4. It is way too hard to grocery shop with the twins these days 
so Amy brought by Téa to hang out with me today. 
Jonas is really good at shopping but Téa likes to eat the candy bars out of the bins, 
and do whatever else she feels like.  
She fits in better at Grandma Honey's house.

5. Thank you Kim for sending this picture of you and Emily!! 
She is looking more and more like a full fledged teenager with every new picture.

6. Grant does not like his feet braces. This has not been a fun or smooth adjustment, at all.

7. We picked up Dad and Susan to take them to Sweet Tomatoes tonight.

Some man who later we learn is named Fred, comes up and excitedly says,
"Oh lookie here, it's Dick Rozier!"
My Dad is such a legend in the running world.
This is far not the first time people have recognized him. 

Fred suddenly gets a call from Lillian needing a hair cut. 
He turns to us and says, "Believe it or not, I'm a barber."
He was trying to work her hair cut around Gun Smoke
which he says comes on everyday at 1pm
on channel 43.6. 

When we took Dad and Susan home we got to look around their Christmassy apartment.
When I saw these wreaths on the back of their chairs 
I remembered that I meant to do this 
to our chairs this year!!...but forgot all about them.
Aren't they beautiful?!

8. Wait there's more. On the way home tonight we needed to stop at Whole Foods 
and happened to walk by this display of Pumpkin cake mixes. 
Do you see anything wrong with this?
Just add pumpkin?!?


Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds like you are having way too much fun over there. Can't wait to see everyone at Christmas.

Eileen said...

I loved this post!

I love seeing all the different 'happenings' going on!
I don't have that scrubbing dish brush but it looks like a great idea!
And I loved seeing Violet! Such a beautiful baby! She's really grown!
I don't have a Nova Foam bed, but we have the opposite problem, our mattress is way too soft. I wake with a back ache every morning!
How precious Téa looked with Baby Jesus! So sweet!
And loved hearing about Jonas being a good shopper!
Beautiful photo of Kim and Emily! It looks like a postcard!
And poor Grant! I've been thinking about him so much. He's in my prayers, and I can't wait for all this to be just a distant memory for his Mom & Dad.
Cute, quirky story about the barber! 'Loved it!
And I love the Christmas decorating in the apartment too! Great idea!
And you gave me my laugh of the day with the pumpkin cake mix!
Love and Prayers,

Dad and Susan said...

What a delightful blog! A little bit about many things.

It's always fun being with you two and then to show up on your blog is an added plus.

We had the Memory Foam mattress topper from Costco and it lost its memory so we returned it. We thought it would go back to its originial shape each time after sleeping on it so we'd feel that comfy foam each night. But instead it remembered the weight of our individual bodies while on it and then it memorized that! Consequently we were each sleeping in a compacted curved area and there was a big mountain of un-slept on foam between us. It was a challenge to get up over the mountain when we wanted to cuddle.

Did you find chocolate cake mix in which you had to add the chocolate? Too funny.

Love, Dad and Susan

McKenna Heasley said...

Just add pumpkin? That is very odd! Does that mean the mix is pretty much gluten free flour and some spices?

Grandma Honey said...

I guess so McKenna :) The flour and sugar and spices are organic...big deal.

Susan~ That's what our memory foam pad on our bed did also. At first it was so so wonderful, but didn't last.

Eileen~ Thank you so much for praying for little Grant.

Karen~ It's been crazy fun lately. :)

Sue said...

Poor Grant. I am praying that he will make an adjustment soon. It will all be worth it in the end, but he is really going through it, isn't he?


PS. This post was great, by the way. I always love seeing the family pics!

grandmapeg said...

After catching up on the last two or three posts, I can tell that you have been busy...big time! Do you still get your naps in each day during this time of year? Thanks for sharing all of your 'happenings' lately. I got the biggest kick out of the pumpkin cake mix :-))

Darlene said...

You won't believe me when I tell you I don't mind washing dishes at all! The only time we use our dishwasher is when we have company! I have been cleaning up a lot of kitchen messes since I have been baking so much, but I have it down pretty pat and it really doesn't take much time. I don't ever wash my pans in the dishwasher anyway. I know, I'm weird, but I guess I am a little old fashioned too.

I loved the pictures and always love to see pictures of your family. The children are so darling.

I have a daughter that has two of those Costco memory foam beds. We have slept in both and they aren't too bad. One is better than the other, is that odd? The older one is the best, so maybe they just have to be "worn in". They do tend to be pretty firm for a foam though. We have a Temperpedic bed that we absolutely love but as you know, they are a heck of a lot more expensive than the ones you get at Costco. I'll bet it "loosens up with age."