Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two Primary Program Ideas

Today we had our annual Primary Program during our Sacrament meeting, which is our main meeting each Sunday. This is where all the children ages 3-12 sing and give talks surrounding what they have learned the past year. It's my favorite Sunday every year. I mean, really, how can anyone top what small children teach us?

Today I saw 2 different ideas I'd never seen before:

#1. This little insert was in each of our programs:

#2. Each program had a different picture on it's cover--- all designed by the children! 
Here's what was on our two programs. I would have loved to have seen them all. 
(I did go around snooping after the program was over hoping to find stray programs lying around on benches, with little success.)

And if it wasn't enough to hear those sweet little children 
who have such huge spirits inside those tiny bodies, 
the closing hymn was How Firm a Foundation!
It always will.


Karen Mortensen said...

Ours was today too. I love that song too.

Becky Jane said...

This is also my favorite meeting of the year too! We've not had ours yet...looking forward to it!

It is so fun to watch them, hear their parts and just look at their sweet/funny antics while they're up there!

These little papers are a good idea! I can just imagine how moving and inspiring it was when they sang
♫ How Firm A Foundation ♫

Sue said...

I always love the Primary program, too. It's just so touching to listen to them talk about the gospel and hear them sing.

By the way, Jill. Did you ever run across our very good friends, Roger and Rayetta Lawson? They used to live in Clovis, though now they are in Fresno.


Grandma Honey said...

Sue~ I don't think I've heard those names before, but I will ask around. How long ago did they move from Clovis to Fresno? Any clues to the area they live in?

Ammy said...

Ours was yesterday as well...and we sung How Firm a Foundation too! (I get to pick the hymns each Sunday and I really wanted to hear the kids sing that one out). Our programs were designed by our Primary children too. I loved the Feedback page Idea....I will have to remember that....I miss Clovis 3rd Ward!

Lisa said...

I wish I could see the drawings. I've always known & love how the SPIRIT has its strongest presence when it comes to the children & this program. I guess I missed alot of stuff in this one weekend! PS: As a Child of God, THANK YOU always for caring @ me. I LOVE YOU.