Thursday, September 8, 2011

What will the baby look like?

 I am wondering if he will look a little like this:

Logan and McKay the newborn  1984

The picture below looks so sad. I took this one of McKay when he was exactly 3 weeks old, before he got his little heart fixed. I didn't realize it at the time but I found out later his heart rate was near 350. I didn't know at the time what tremendous stress his little body was going through.

Last week when Dennis was out cleaning the garage he came in with these clothes and asked what they were.
I had put them in a zip loc bag about a year or 2 ago waiting to give them to McKay when he had his first son. These are the clothes he was wearing in the picture above. Don't know why the picture is sideways.

I'm going to wash them up and ask McKenna if she will take a picture of their son wearing them.
Just a Grandma thing, I know.

McKay just texted me 15 minutes ago and said she is at a 7.

No one is suppose to post this many times in one day, I know. And I can't say I'm going to slow down before the baby arrives. It's how I cope with the stress of being so far away from them....


Rebecca said...

I feel like I can't go to sleep till this baby arrives safely. keep us posted!

Rebecca said...

P.S. I think one of my boys had a sweater like that. AND I am pretty sure we had that very same couch. I will have to find a picture of it.

Ammy said...

That is a sweet little sweater!

Sue said...

I'm still stuck on the sentence that said his heart was 350 before his surgery!

Poor little guy.


PS. They sure fixed him up, didn't they? =)

Grandma Honey said...

Sue~ Yes he was "fixed up" when he was 9 years old and hasn't had a problem since.

Rebecca~ Actually that wasn't our couch. I took that picture at our neighbor's across the street. I had just gone over there to show her McKay right before his Dr appt that day.

Ammy~ The sweater was from a friend who was pregnant with twins when I was pregnant with McKay. Both twins died a few months before McKay was born...I thought it was so sweet that in her grief she bought McKay the little sweater.