Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wanda's Lasagna Casserole

Wanda is my visiting teaching partner and good friend,
and since this is her recipe I knew it would be wonderful.
She says it's been in her family for years!

Here it is straight from my notebook/cookbook.
(I just cut and pasted it here so these are Wanda's words.)
Oh and I've never been able to find these miniature lasagna noodles, so I just use regular curly ones.
When I doubled this I just use 1 1/2 lbs hamburger, rather than 2 lbs and it works great.

I have made this many times but I have never tasted it since I have the Rozier milk/cheese allergy. 
But everyone I've made it for says they love it. 
I've seen little children practically inhale this stuff.

So last night I was feeling bad, again, that I can't make dinner for Rich and Grant's parents in Utah
....my newest 2 grandsons. 
I was there in bed thinking about this for a long while when 
I suddenly remembered how it was when my sons were out on their missions. 
I prayed everyday for those 8 years combined, 
that they were eating well and that good families were inviting them over for dinner. 
We would have our local missionaries over often for dinner...
thinking that our sons would be fed well where they were serving. 
It worked!

So I thought today I would make these casseroles for 2 families here 
in honor of my 2 new grandsons in Utah. 
It won't help them directly, but it makes me feel less of a slacker.

I doubled the recipe above to make these 2- (8 x 10 size)
I've doubled it before and made a very hearty nearly overflowing 9 x13 for a larger family.

I was also able today to make Dennis a little taster. So I baked his up just now and presented it to him.
He came back in here 5 minutes later and said it was excellent and wants more. Uh oh.

Below is one of my most favorite pictures of Wanda.
It was the day we got to meet Bonnie Parkin (our general Relief Society Pres at the time)
Wanda was SO excited and it's written all over her face.

PS  McKenna and baby Grant got to go home yesterday!!
More on that in another post.


Connie said...

That looks delicious! How nice to share her recipe. Just watched Grant McKay's first bath. He is SO CUTE!! Nothing smells better than a freshly bathed new born baby!

Susan Rozier said...

I always love your recipes. You make them sound so effortless. I'd like to try this one sometime. You are such a sweet person to look for ways to serve. Love, Susan

Scrapally said...

Love lasagne and love trying new recipes. I think it's great you mdae some for your other families close by. I love the look on WAnda's face too...my mom's proudest thing ever to say was that Bonnie Parkin stayed at her house (she wasn't the general RS president yet, but on the board). thanks for the recipe!

Karen Mortensen said...

Looks great. What time is dinner?

Sue said...

You are the best, Jill. Wish you were MY neighbor!


thefivejennes.blogspot.com said...

Well, it's a tad expensive but there is a place up here called Pier 49 Pizza that delivers and makes an incredible green salad. Mom felt bad for not being able to bring me in dinner when I was sick so she just looked up a location close to me and paid over the phone for delivery with a card over the phone. It was so kind. But even if you didn't do Pier 49, most pizza places take a card over the phone. I'd never thought of doing that until my mom did. You can see the food they have on my post here... http://thefivejennes.blogspot.com/2011/06/summer-fun-at-our-house.html or at their website... http://www.pier49.com/ I love your posts on the new babies, it makes me baby hungry-coming home with a sweet baby is such an amazing experience! :)

Lisa said...

What a GREAT POST! I so enjoyed reading this one & funny that you posted this recipe. My husband is having sever lower lumbar spine problems & Bro Moore came by & said Sis Moore would make dinner on Monday for him (us). We got a dinner similar to this one! It was AWESOME!!! Plus a Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Oh my....I couldn't stop eating this food!

Your feelings for your family's well being & desire to "be there" echo's my heart for those living far away. I am determined to learn from Sis Hatch how to use my pressure canner so I can make MEALS in a JAR. I plan to mail them over regularly! I know there is concerns for the seals in transport, but won't know til I try! : ) I bet the 2 families who got your Wanda Meal was ECSTATIC! And... I LOVE that pic of Wanda too!

Rebecca said...

I have had this! Melissa makes it. It is a good recipe for sure.

Ammy said...

I love Wanda too! How lucky are the ladies you two get to visit teach!

Mar~ said...

Such a sweet thought to take meals to someone else. I'm sure the families were very happy! And surprised! Do they also have new babies in their homes?

Also, the photo of Wanda with Bonnie is really funny. Bonnie is such a sweet, down to earth lady. She is (and has been for many years) a very close friend of my mom-in-law. Cute, cute photo!

Eileen said...

Great recipe! I am always looking for easy one-dish meals to make, so thank you for posting this.
So sorry you can't enjoy it though!

You friend Wands DOES look so excited! Her picture makes me smile!