Thursday, September 29, 2011

To go with Sunday Conference breakfast

Watching conference every 6 months is a huge deal in our family. 
One of our traditions is having Ben's Buns to go with our breakfast of eggs, bacon and OJ. 
I've been making these the night before conference since my boys were very young. 
Then I would just pop them in the oven as they were just waking up.....
or as the case is now "right before they come over."

I took the picture above from conference of a few years ago.

Very simple to make.
Here's how, straight from the cookbook I found them in years ago:

Ben's Buns
I can't find the whole wheat bread dough any longer but my kids prefer the white dough anyways.
I had crossed out the 350' oven because they seem to bake better for me at 325'

Also, I should add that on warm nights, like we are still having here, 
I will probably put it in the fridge before I go to bed.

I hear my Utah sons and their families make these for conference now, too.
And so the torch has been passed. I love it!

If you would also like to watch conference go here.


Fisher Family Fun said...

Try Rich's Bakery Outlet in downtown Fresno. They might have it. Give them a call before you drive all the way out there. :)

cristie said...

we love this recipe...although we buy the Rhodes rolls, put them in a bundt pan minus the milk. everyone loves them.

thanks for sharing. xox

Scrapally said...

looks and sounds yummy! Our tradition is bisquick cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs...LOVE conference weekends!!

grandmapeg said...

We've had these quite a few times since you first gave me the recipe and my family loves them! I haven't made them for a while so I'll have to do that real soon.

the Rich girl said...

It's not Conference (at least for Tyler) without Ben's Buns.

Karen Mortensen said...

Those look good.

Darlene said...

Thanks Jill, I am definitely going to try these. I wonder if I could make this with my own bread recipe. I have never bought dough because I bake all of our own bread and I have several recipe's. The only thing is I can't imagine letting my dough rise overnight on the kitchen counter. I just don't know whether it would work, so might just ruin the whole batch. Still, I want to try this.

We used to have four or five couples over for conference because we were the only ones that had the BYU channel. Dick would make a big breakfast for us all. Now they all have BYU channel so we are just the two of us, but that's okay. I can always share with my neighbors, because that looks like a lot of rolls! They look so yummy.

Grandma Honey said...

I have no idea if this would work with regular bread dough but I don't see why not. I also feel odd about setting it on the counter at night. It's still warm here so I will probably put ours in the fridge before I go to bed. If the nights were colder I would feel better about leaving it out.

Heather said...

Fun! This looks yummy. We are planning to make Monkey Bread, which is a similar concept. I love family traditions.

Sue said...

This actually looks like something I could make successfully, so I will try it!


Robin said...

I love traditions !! the rolls look sooo good !! Thanks for sharing the recipe !!

Michelle said...

Oh Grandma Honey-- My hubby works for Rhodes. I owe you coupons for the free advertising. :)

Lisa said...

I couldn't resist! I coped the recipe to a pdf file on my pc for future testing! Does your family really eat all that food?

PS: Wasn't GC the BEST? Did you get answer to specific questions?