Sunday, September 18, 2011

See Grant's cute little casts!

Baby Grant got to take a trip to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City to get casts on his feet.
He was diagnosed with club feet even months before he was born.

His parents said Grant did not like his casts and would cry because he couldn't kick his feet,
especially when they would change his diaper. But I hear he is adjusting.

He got to have his very own BYU shirt on during the game yesterday...signed by all the football players!
Thanks to McKay Jacobson who is married to McKenna's cousin Kim.

Wasn't that just the sweetest thing for them to do for little Grant?

And not only that, but he had them all sign one for Grant's Daddy too.
The plan is he will go back to Primary Children's and have get his casts changed 
several times over the coarse of a few months. 
Then he will wear a brace for 3 months. 
After which time he will wear the brace just at night time for 3 years. 
Amazing what they can do now to correct this. 
Decades ago children would be crippled for life. 
But not our little Grant.

We are so grateful to McKenna's mom Kelly, for being with them the past 10 days. 
Doesn't she look young enough to be Grant's mom??

Even though we are so very thankful Grant's feet can be fixed, 
can I just say I thought his club feet were so CUTE.


Karen Mortensen said...

That was awesome what the football team did for Grant. That is so sweet.
I hope all goes well with the casts. At least they will get it over with while he is very young.
He is an adorable baby. Can't wait to see him.

Heather said...

Club feet or not, Grant is a GORGEOUS baby!!!! And so photogenic for a newborn! And he's so blessed to have McKenna and McKay for parents. McKay looks so proud of his little son in these pictures.

Ann said...

Hope lil Grant will doing well faster. From the photos, his eyes looks like Elora's lil sister :).

Logan and Amy said...

Grant is a beautiful baby!!!! He has changed a lot since he has been born. That is so cool that the BYU football team signed shirts for little Grand and McKay! Im glad he is starting to adjust to the casts. I can't wait to meet him in person! Thanks for the post!

Grandma Honey said...

Ann~ I had never thought of it before, but now that you mentioned it, I think you may be right! He does resemble Violet. You are very observant.

Kris said...

Oh my goodness.... Seeing these pictures just tugged at my heart. What a precious little guy. I can't wait to meet him this week. He came to the right parents and what a blessing he is.

Sue said...

He will get so used to those casts that he won't even notice them!

Isn't it wonderful what medicine can do?


Grandma Honey said...

Sue~ Were these the same sort of casts your son and daughter had? Do you remember how long they wore them? Did they also have a brace for a few years?

McKenna Heasley said...

My Mom did get asked a few times if she was his mother! I can't believe how fast he is growing already and he's only 10 days old!

Sue said...

No, they are not the same. My kids had casts that only went up to just below the knee. And they did not wear braces afterward.

Looks like they are more thorough now, which is probably good. Both of my kids have some bone spurs in their ankles that our podiatrist said probably could have been avoided today.


Eileen said...

Oh what a beautiful family! I love every photo, and I agree that McKenna's Mom is a very young looking Grandma!
Grant is adorable and I agree that his club feet were so cute!
I can't get over how alert he is too!

One of my nieces had club feet but they didn't do casts for her, just braces and then as she got older just the bar shoes at night. She still walks off balance so I think it will be so much better for Grant with the casts. And it's so wonderful that they can now spot everything BEFORE birth, and start early on correction.
God Bless Grant and his parents, and his doctors!
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ Great shirts and great team! So thoughtful!

Grandmotherfairy said...

What a beautiful baby and thank heavens for the miracle of modern medicine...

Rebecca said...

He is such a darling! My friend's daughter had this problem with her feet. She is just fine now, and in fact her dad was so impressed with how the drs took care of his daughter that he became a foot dr!

Rebecca said...

P.S. Jake thought Grant was very cute! He usually does not notice babies, but he was reading your blog with me and saw Grant and he kept saying " awww...that is the cutest little baby, look at him, isn't he cute?"!

grandmapeg said...

I will try this again since I don't know what happened to my comment that I left yesterday. Little Grant is such a cutie, especially in his BYU shirt. It's such a blessing that he can get his feet corrected while he is this young, but I'm sure those little casts can get uncomfortable.

Darlene said...

I'm so glad I looked back to this post. I was so happpy to see these darling pictures of Grant, before and after his casts. He is a beautiful child and like Sue says, he will be out of these casts soon, and they do get used to them. I have a granddaughter that isn't a year old yet and she had to have some kind of a body thing that she will have to wear for about three months to correct her hip displasia. Her legs are straight out to the sides and her poor little mother has to either carry her or have her lie down because her legs can't bend. If she didn't have this now, she would have to have a hip replacement when she gets older.
It is amazing what they can do for these kids these days.

Thanks for posting these Jill. You certainly do have a bunch of handsome kids and grandkids.